Monday, September 15, 2014

HTC One E8 Launch - Here's To GrE8-ness

I had the opportunity to attend yet another launch event, this time for the HTC One E8.  The event took place at The Centre for Asian Photographers, Level 1, The School in Jaya One on August 13. I guess you would know by now that I am a HTC fan as I have always love their smartphone designs. The premium HTC One launched back in April 2013 set the path for future improved designs like the HTC BoomSound dual front facing speakers, making HTC One The Phone Of The Year.  Fast forward a year later, we have had the HTC One Max and the even more premium HTC One M8 (love love love the duo camera lens!).

HTC One E8 Launch
S K Wong (Country Manager, HTC Malaysia) proudly welcoming the latest addition to the HTC family, the HTC One E8

HTC One E8 Launch
Happy Moments - Delighted by the GRE8-NESS of the HTC One E8, S K Wong and Shane Chiang

There I was standing before gre8-ness with the HTC One E8. The first in the HTC family to pack a rear 13MP camera feature, it takes photo taking and display up a notch on the 5" screen display. Apart from the already iconic dual frontal facing speakers, the E8 has a dual curve design with tapered sides for a comfortable fit in the hand. It also has the same Motion Launch which was introduced on the HTC One M8 that I have come to really love. Double tapping to wake the screen instead of pressing down the power button gives a longer life to the buttons on the phone in my opinion.  Even picking up a call is so much easier, there isn't a need to swipe/tap the Answer button, all I need to do is just bring the phone up to my ear and the call is automatically answered!

HTC One E8 Launch
(Left to Right) Wayne Tang, SK Wong, Raymond Tan (COO of Brighstar Malaysia), Shane Chiang (Head of Corporate & Consumer PR, HTC South Asia)

Monday, September 01, 2014

I'm Not A Chef, Kota Damansara

I'm Not A Chef  (INAC) is one of those places that I frequent as I drop by now and then when I wanna wind down for the night. You might even find me helping out there, hehehe.... That is because INAC is run by two people; Nat and Stef.  It's an incredible task that Nat (the one who is a chef but yet not a chef!) and Stef (does everything else except the cooking!) go through daily from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. except their rest day which is on Sundays.


Regulars would end up lending a hand or just wait patiently (during peak lunch hour) for their food to arrive. With reasonably priced and tasty Western/local food, it's a routine that the regulars willingly go through. This place is a favourite with students since it's within the vicinity of Segi University.  Actually, this is good and bad for INAC.  Good in the sense that there's a steady flow of diners. Bad in the sense that some of these student diners take advantage of the free wifi.  e.g. They come in a group of five and would only put in an order for two drinks and then they spend the next three to four hours or more on the internet! So, with this explanation, do note that there is a sign that states that each customer is required to have at least a minimum one drink order.


You can hardly catch a glimpse of Nat during lunch hour (she will be cooking at a furious pace in the kitchen!) and a busy Stef who is almost too pre-occupied to even breathe as she deals with the maddening lunch crowd order and demands. However, come non-peak period, you can find Nat and Stef chatting with the regulars.  For the rest of us who are at INAC for the food primarily, it's a cozy place where one can chill. Seriously,we make ourselves at home! To get a gist of what I mean, drop by INAC :o)

Here are pics of my favourite food from I'm Not A Chef ... Oh, I must mention that Nat does the desserts herself too!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Love The New HTC One M8 : Review

I received a HTC One M8 unit from HTC to review as part of a testing program.  It was great to have a chance to test out this 2014 HTC’s flagship model  with the much anticipated HTC Sense 6 and Android Kit Kat 4.4.  The design of the phone itself is gorgeous - 90% metal unibody (weighing in at 160 grams)  and soft curves along the edges (as compared to the 2013 HTC One model), it looks and feels solid in the hands like a premium smartphone should, especially the clarity of the stunning 5-inch, full 1080p HD display.  

HTC One M8 Malaysia Launch
The gorgeous HTC One M8 metal unibody with the Duo Camera lens feature

Here are some of the features that I truly love about the new HTC One M8 :-

·       DUO CAMERA with Ultrapixel and a dual colour flash.  I really love taking photos with the HTC One M8.  With the Duo Camera adding a depth sensor, I can make my images more professional looking with effects like Ufocus which allows me to choose the focus area of my image after I take my shots.   There’s also the Foregrounder that allows me to choose from four variants; Sketch, Zoom Blur, Cartoon and Colorize.  These are the two most frequent effects I use amongst the many others like Seasons, 3D Dimension Plus, Sticker, Copy & Paste and Touch Up. The 5 MP wide angle front facing camera is a great feature too as its clarity is the best I’ve seen so far for taking “selfie” or “wefie”  photos.  The Ultrapixel also works best in low light conditions.  It gets the job done and done well.  Of course, we are not talking about enlarging images to poster size.

 Here's a pic I took and one which I used the Foregrounder "Sketch" to edit the pic.  Cute!

Here's a shot I took in a rather dim place but with lights surrounding this cafe counter. The words on the blackboard are still relatively clear; this is the Ultrapixel at work.

·       MOTION LAUNCH - Along with the HTC Sense 6, the HTC One M8 has this new feature which I love.  A double tap on the screen is all you need to do to see the time.  It turns the lock screen off and on! I love that I can prolong the life of the power button! A swipe downwards while phone is in sleep mode) activates the device that prompts you to say the name of the person you would like to call.  There’s also Auto Answer which allows me to answer a call when I put the phone to my ear, done without touching the screen.  Another great feature for those who have their hands dirty from eating some tasty buffalo wings or wet from washing dishes! Hahaha...