Friday, August 26, 2016

Travel Post - Coffee & Desserts in Hoi An, Vietnam - Part 11

Ahhh... Jr is off to Danang/Hoi An next Monday and I thought I would squeeze in another post.  She has been taking notes from my previous posts on what to eat in Hoi An.  So, here's another rather essential post; coffee!  TT and I drank coffee every day while we were there, drinking on two occasions ... day and night! Hahaha... I do like Vietnamese coffee and was delighted to be surrounded by cafes where ever we walked.

Coffee Coffee Coffee
Coffee Coffee everrywhere!

While we did try out several places, we kept going back to two places.  One was Guso Cafe, a local cafe with low stools and it served one of the better Cafe Sua Da (ice coffee with condensed milk) and the other is at Hoa Champa Coffee Craft Shop where one can get a good Cafe Sua Nong (hot coffee with condensed milk)
Coffee Coffee Coffee
Hoa Champa Coffee Craft Shop located at 49 Phan Chau Trinh
While we did try the drip coffee, I kinda stuck to my ice and hot coffee with condensed milk. Aromatic and strong, sweet and bitter!  I supposed the other factors - being a tourist, foreign and interesting surroundings, the coffee beans of course and the lovely cool weather, all these added to a great coffee experience in Hoi An.  I am no coffee aficionado, I drink coffee and if it hits the spot for me, it's all gooooooooodddd....

Faifo Coffee
Coffee stop at Faifo Coffee, one of the more upscale coffee places in Ancient Town.

Hoa Champa
The lovely Cafe Sua Nong at Hoa Champa Coffee Craft Shop where we drank by the pavement.

Guso Cafe
Guso Cafe, located at 10 Phan Chu Trinh serves one of the cheapest and nicest Cafe Sua Da.  This seems to be where the locals chill (we seem to be the only tourists there each time we were there).  We stumbled upon it when we were not looking for coffee actually but decided to try it out as the locals seem very laid back and comfortable here and this attracted us. 

Meanwhile back home...the only thing close to this same experience in Malaysia is actually the Kopi found at Kopitime Cafe (I usually go the the outlet in Tropicana City Mall).  One of my fave coffee stop! Try it....

And if coffee isn't enough, how about trying Banh Flan ... Caramel Flan (with coffee!).  We came upon this friendly auntie with a push cart stall by the roadside one sunny but cool afternoon and was curious enough to stop and try it out.

Banh Flan - Caramel Flan

Banh Flan - Caramel Flan
She put her Non La onto my head and caught me by surprise.  The iconic Vietnamese conical hat gave me some reprieve from the glare and I enjoyed eating the flan; sitting on a tiny stool on the five foot way.

Banh Flan - Caramel Flan with coffee

Banh Flan - Caramel Flan with coffee
Simple and nice...we met Auntie Flan a second time the next day when she was pushing her cart around in Ancient Town and we had another round!  So try and look out for her stall ...She could be anywhere!

To be continued....

Monday, August 15, 2016

Travel Post - Banh Mi Phuong, Hoi An, Vietnam - Part 10

As you would have read from my previous post of my eating adventures in Hoi An, Banh Mi was a daily feature in our meals during our entire stay in Hoi An.  Apart from this daily Banh Mi stop HERE , we went to the ever famous Banh Mi Phuong too (famous since it was "endorsed" by Anthony Bourdain!).

Banh Mi Phuong
Yes, get in line! There's always a line when we were there on two occasions but fortunately the line moves quick. We had stood in line the first time we got there only to find out that it's for take-away orders.  

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Travel Post - White Rose , Hoi An, Vietnam - Part 9

"White Rose (Banh Bao Banh Vac), a type of shrimp dumpling made from translucent white dough bunched up to look like a rose.
The recipe for these dumplings is a secret, held by one family in Hoi An who supplies all the restaurants.  At 533, Hai Ba Trung Street, Tran Tuan Ngai is a third generation secret keeper of the traditional white rose recipe".

White Rose

We read these words on the printed menu with much excitement.  We had planned to make a stop at Lo Banh Bao Banh Vac (White Rose Restaurant),  to have a taste of the famous white rose. There are only two items on the menu at this shop, the other being Hoi An Pizza (VND100,000/USD5/ RM20) or Fried Wonton (Hoanh Thanh Chien) "Resembling tortillas due to their large size, these crispy wontons are filled with shrimp and topped with a tomato roulade".

White Rose

We opted for just an order of the White Rose (VND70,000/USD3.50/ RM14) as we had to leave room for more food since our food quest was still in the early stage for the day!

It did look rather pretty, I could see why they call it White Rose.  Biting into one after dipping it into the light tangy dip, I wasn't particularly awed by the taste but was more intrigued with what was inside.  Apart from the shrimp, I couldn't pin the ingredients down.   It was similar to "gau chi" - turnip with dried shrimps translucent skin dumpling back in Malaysia and there's even a variety with chives too.  In my opinion, I rate the Malaysian "gau chi" better in taste and the White Rose better in looks! However, having said that... one must try the White Rose when in Hoi An.. just because! Then you can say "I ate a White Rose!".