Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sate Kajang Hj Samuri, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

Long ago, a trip to Kajang to savour the satay was a journey I always looked forward to and get real excited and happy about. Afterall, I was a kid then and it doesn't take much to make a kid happy :o). I remember then that the workers will just keep serving as many of those meat skewers as one can possibly eat and paying only for what you eat. That also meant what was left untouched would be served again to the next customer who walks in! I have not been back to Kajang for decades now, I wonder if they are still practising this.
Sate Kajang Hj Samuri
What came next after Kajang? I remember traveling to the rest areas at the Kesas Highway and subsequently Sg Buloh for my Kajang satay without going to Kajang itself. Now, Sate Kajang Hj Samuri is only a stone's throw away (make that about a dozen or so...hahaha!) from my neighbourhood. I've been patronizing this outlet every now and then for about a year now. This is a very famous satay restaurant with several outlets now (of course, its headquarters is in Kajang, where else?).

Over here, you order how many sticks you want from the many varieties available; chicken, beef, tripe, liver, fish and few others. Unlike the yesteryears, they do not serve the satay continuously everytime one empties the plate.
The Essentials
The essentials when eating satay - Peanut gravy, cucumber, onions and nasi himpit/ketupat (compressed rice cubes) together with absolutely wonderful spicy sambal served separately!
Sambal Peanut Sauce
Mix as much sambal into the peanut gravy. You'll survive the deed as long as you can take the heat!
Chicken Satay
Chunky Chicken Satay minus the fats. Grilled over charcoal, this marinated skewered meat is a true delight.
Beef Satay
Beef Satay - as chunky as the Chicken Satay. I usually order beef with caution as some stalls tend to overcook them and I'll end up with sore gums trying to chew on them. However, Hj Samuri's beef satay has always been tender.
Beef Tripe Satay
Beef Tripe Satay - for those who fancy "other" types of meat :o). One of my faves!
Nasi Goreng Kampung
By the way, they also dish up a rather yummy plate of Nasi Goreng Kampung (Spicy Fried Rice with anchovies, eggs, onions). This is something you should order if you want some rice apart from all that meat.
Couldn't resist taking a shot of the old typewriter sitting on the counter. The workers also use it to hang drinks on the carriage return lever! Gosh! That's no way to treat an antique!

No wonder satay is well known all over the world, it has truly made an impression not only in the hearts of the locals but of tourists and foreigners alike. At RM0.60/USD0.20 a stick, is it any wonder why this is a favourite of many? But of course, there's still bad satay out there if one is not careful. Rest assured though, you'll find good ones here at Sate Kajang Hj Samuri.

Others who got their Kajang satay fix here in Damansara Uptown :-

A Whiff Of Lemongrass

Sate Kajang Hj Samuri
79 Jalan 21/37
Damansara Uptown
Petaling Jaya

Tel : 03-7710 5318

(Opens daily 11 am till 12 midnight except Fridays 3pm onwards)

"What's this meat on a stick? Ask no question, just eat it quick!" - wmw


ekeng said...

Satay Kajang..Sedap !!!! No need drive to Kajang for Kajang satay..i love satay dagin..satay ayam..whatever :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

had mine in kajang...i like the tender and sweet lean meat they serve...a class on their own...

wah, typewriter also must highlight the name :P

Bernsy said...

isnt this the same company that conquered the entire stadium in Kajang ? hahaha... this place is really not bad isn't it... nice pics though,

ling239 said...

the mutton also very good...
but have have the courage to try the rabbit meat... @_@

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I find the satay here even better than the kajang outlet. :-P

daphne said...

so teasingly.... ahhh..

i miss the pressed rice too!

yammylicious said...

Beef Tripe staty?! ewww something new to mii!! yet u love the bean sauce?! i still prefer those in red orange colour bean sause hahax! nice!! thxQ

tigerfish said...

Satay!? Aiya...forgot to eat this back home in Sg this time!

Kok said...

Is this the sate which Kajang is most famous for?

Wow, first time seeing the sambal is mixed with peanut gravy. It must be yummy!

Cynthia said...

I want the tripe and the fried rice. I bought some tripe today :)

jason said...

I went to the HQ in Kajang but the satay were just so so. Need to come here to make comparison!

kat said...

Eh, why Henney photos can view, but food photos kenot ah?? Use blogger to upload your photos once in a while lah!

Satay again!! I must really get down to making my own one soon!!!

Did you try the rabbit and fish satay? But nothing beats chicken. Even mutton is not as tasty.

I love the kuah satay and sambal. Always ask for seconds. And thirds. Sooooo scrumptious!!

wmw said...

ekeng : We should have a satay party! Yay!

nic : noticed!

bernsy : I think so...I heard the person who supplies cucumbers/onions to them is now a millionaire! Hahaha! Thanks for the compliments.

ling239: Oh yah, mutton okay too. I have not tried the rabbit meat myself.

Lyrical L : Okay, so, I'll just stick to Damansara Uptown then :p

daphne : Can try making the compressed rice???

yammylicious : Funny, but tripe is about the only "spare parts" that I like. Yes, the peanut gravy with the sambal mixed together is really delicious!

tigerfish : You forgot? Maybe it's cos you ate other even more delicious food! :o)

Kok : Yah, this is the one...Perth got Satay right?

cynthia : How are you gonna cook the tripe? Are you gonna fire up the grill ;o)

Jason : Like Lyrical L. said, she said Damansara Uptown better in her opinion. So, try out this place.

Kat : Have emailed you the photos ;o). Nolah, not rabbit and fish for me...I love the peanut gravy too!

Bob Goh said...

Satay with green!

Anyway good post!

~Christine~Leng said...

I just had these last week! Yum :)

Cokeworld Citizen said...

*faint from foodporn overdose*

Kok said...

Cool! Looks real good.

Satay in Perth? Got! But it's just like gold on a stick. So expensive!

Anonymous said...

what a treat it was to go all the way to Kajang for satay ... memories I can smell!! well, another one on the list to visit, huh?

Hazza said...

Been many years since I had satay in Kajang. With my numbed tastebuds from living abroad, any satay tastes nice to me, but would definitey like to give this place a try next time I am in pj. Currently my favorite is one in the Sentosa square in sec 17, sold by a very dark Malay man.

ai wei said...

sate kajang in PJ??? wanna pay a visit over... have yet to try this place before arrr...

Judy said...

What lah, made me dribble all over my keyboard.
So cheap, so ... I WANT!
You are right about the ill treatment to the antique typewriter. :(

Rasa Malaysia said...

MW, you take absolutely the best satay juicylicious pieces I swear I just swallowed my own saliva, really! ;)

The sambal looks dark though...

Ling's Passion said...

It is also my pleasure to meet up with you. Although the TA chee cheong fun wasn't authentic but it taste good.

wmw said...

Bob Goh : Hello there! Green coconut? Green from ? Have not tried that before.

Christine : Good stuff, eh?

cokeworld citizen : *puts smelling salt under your nose*Are you okay now?

kok : Hahaha...Gold on a stick? Really ah, how much is a stick?

anonymous : Well, now no need to go that farc :o)

hazza : Mmmm....I will go try out the satay from Sentosa Square. Thanks!

ai wei : Well, you gotta go try it then and do a review of your own :o)

Judy : hahaha...glad you agree about the antique typewriter.

RM : Thanks. Well, the dark sambal adds a smoky taste to the peanut gravy...almost like a slight burnt smell but I like it!

Ling : Hi there! Hahahaha...yes, that's my favourite non authentic KL-TA Chee Cheong Fun ;o)

Cokeworld Citizen said...

omg i can go crazy reading ur blog and the others O.o

i have to control myself...its too much to handle...lolz


wonda said...

I think I last went there 15 years ago.

wmw said...

cokeworld citizen : several blogged on satay!!!

wonda : You mean to the one in Kajang? Well, if you come back now, you won't have to go that far :o)

vkeong said...

Arrrgh those satay look so damn good! I tried the real one in Kajang before, it was very nice indeed. So many types of meat to choose from like beef,chicken,rabbit,fish,mutton, liver... Too bad I didn't snap any photo that time

Now that I'm lurking in KL for a few days I will definitely not miss the chance this time hehe

wmw said... KL? If you're stopping by here, it's near my place, look me up! You got no email? Email me at

vkeong said...

Thanks I got it! I am in around Kepong area now.. tonight will be traveling to Kajang to try the real thing! yeah!

Any place for cheap and nice food in Damansara area you could recommend?

wmw said...

vkeong : Damansara, cheap and nice. Mmm...there's the satay, and try the Chee Cheong Fun from Damansara Uptown

Further down the satay place in Damansara, you'll find quite good Hokkien Mee (the dark fried one, not prawn mee ah!) at the next block. One portion RM5.

You might want to try A1 puffs if you haven't. My fave is the Spicy Chilli Crab

Near to this place is Village Park, serving nice nasi lemak, nasi dagang etc. etc....

Hope this helps...All within the same Damansara Utama area!