Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tripping Jakarta & Bandung - Part 4 Final

Well, we spent the whole day in Bandung shopping away before we took a 3 hour ride back to Jakarta. Reaching Jakarta with an hour and a half to go before we needed to check into the airport, we were dropped off at ITC Mangga Dua Mall as they thought we would all like to do some last minute shopping. Actually most of us had already outdone ourselves in Bandung and were more exhausted than ever.

ITC Mangga Dua Mall

When we went into the mall, we felt rather claustrophobic as the place was packed with people. The place was stuffy and the air was stale; the small group of us unanimously felt that we should just find a place away from the crowd and just chill till it was time to board the bus. To our dismay, it started raining heavily and there was no shelter or shade for us to walk under to make our way to the bus when it was time. And ... as if it wasn't enough that we got drenched by the rain, we were caught in heavy traffic. After sitting in the aircon bus for another 1 1/2 hour, our wet clothes were already dried by the time we reached the airport. So, it was no wonder that most of us got sick when we got back to Malaysia; some of us took about a week or two to fully recover. I even had one friend who got hospitalised as she had high fever!

We enjoyed ourselves most in Bandung, especially shopping and taking photographs whereas there wasn't really much to do in Jakarta. For this final part, here are some photos taken in Bandung.

Roadside Stalls

All You Need
I was drawn to the colours :o)

Durian Ice Cream Stall
Precious Pea, this pic is for you - Ice-Cream Durian Stall.

Hot Stuff
More fried stuff served with chili padi (look at the plate on the right)

Three's A Company
A shot taken from the bus - Three Trishaws' A Company

Snoozing One
Taking a snooze

Snoozing Two
Guess, it must be siesta time...another one taking a snooze

And this little stall....

A Place I Call Home
is home to this young man. It's not only a stall that he owns and runs but where he lives too.

Most of us are so fortunate but yet we are unaware of such blessings.
Life is great; live, laugh, love!

Have a Great Sunday and a fantastic week ahead, everyone!

He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


backstreetgluttons said...

Great trip , happy traveller !

Life for Beginners said...

You were in Mangga Dua? Gosh, now that's what I call Shopping! :D

Been awhile since I last visited Indonesia but it looks much the same. You have a great Sunday too, dear!

Kok said...

Why there are no photos dedicated to me??? :D

J2Kfm said...

i was torn between jakarta and bandung. guess bandung's the better choice for shoppin, and food?

what did you take from bandung to jakarta and back? bus?

jasmine said...

great pictures! yeah, sometimes we need the reality check to realise how fortunate we are and that we should stop whining! :P

jason said...

I should have join them to Yogyakarta :(

CUMI & CIKI said...

man, they really like their chili padi..! i agree with you, on counting our blessings especially having a roof over our heads! thanks for the inspirational words too.. made my week:) have a good one

Tummythoz said...

Sad that most got home sick.

So care to share what you lugged back from Bandung?

wmw said...

BSG : Yup...BSG also a bunch of happy travelers :o)

LFB : Well, did most of the shopping in Bandung actually.

Kok : Hmmm....when got suitable photo, I'll dedicate to you.

j2kfm : Food was not the highlight of the trip, shopping was! We took a bus from Jakarta to Bandung and back.

jasmine : Thanks! Yes, we need to be reminded once in a while. Not that I complain but I tend to forget how blessed I am.

Jason : Well, there's always free flights from Air Asia next time!

Cumi & Ciki : You're most welcome :o)

Tummythoz : Hmmm....can recall bags, tshirts, blouses, slippers, cakes. :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nice pics! the 3 trishaw composition..

sc said...

most of my friends who went to both jakarta and bandung prefers bandung too! maybe i should go next year?

Nic (KHKL) said...

nice one, wmw. yupe, live, laugh, love. and makan, of course! :)

worldwindows said...

Wonderful time! Shopping and traipsing. Being there twice and both memorable. Being with friends I missed the nooks and corners.

Ethan said...

No words can express the horror of all that is "hello kitty", "barbie doll" and pink in the first picture.

Nice shots by the way! You're so fortunate to get to travel frequently!

wmw said...

Joe : Thanks...that was a lucky shot, taken when I was in a moving bus.

SC : First Vietnam, next Indonesia??? :o)

Nic : That's a rather easy motto to live by, no??? We should all be that way!

worldwindows : Yes, traveling is one of the loves in my life ;o)

Ethan : Thanks...soon in time, you'll do your far share of seeing the world....first stop, France?

Cynthia said...

Most of us are so fortunate but yet we are unaware of such blessings.
Life is great; live, laugh, love!
- you are so right.

wmw said...

Cynthia : Here! Here! :o)

Anonymous said...


These "KAKI LIMA's" make Jakarta and Bandung and the rest of Indoland JOROK....aka FILTHY!

People with houses that have building permits and proper KTP's and proper licences and proper....whatever....

And these people, how have a choice to work in a real company, they do! get away with it!