Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tim Pun Gor Gor, Kepong

Food Adventure Series - Kepong, Part Three (Final)

After the long wait for our noodles at Seng Yuen, we needed to end our night in Kepong on a sweet note. During our 1 hour 15 minutes wait, Simon and CityGal mentioned a few places where we go head onto for some desserts. Since Jason and I weren't familiar with this territory, we just kinda went along - and we ended up at Tim Pun Gor Gor (Tim Pun - "desserts" and Gor Gor - brother).

Tim Pun Gor Gor, Kepong - Dessert Shop

We reached there near to closing time and sat outdoors as they were preparing to clean the indoor area. The dessert menu is rather extensive and we had a tough time trying to decide what to order, Simon especially, hehe...

Decisions, decisions, decisions

The time we took to put in our orders were further delayed slightly as we took some time to take photos of ourselves too (me excluded in this pic, since I was the one taking the photo).

Food Bloggers in Kepong
Simon, CityGal & Jason

Almond & Black Sesame Dessert
Almond & Black Sesame Dessert (RM3/USD0.85). I tasted a bit of this but I found it a tad sweet but Simon liked it.

Almond, Red Bean & Lotus Dessert
CityGal's Almond, Red Bean and Lotus Dessert (RM3.30/USD0.90). This was an interesting combo and fared better.

Mango Noodles
Jason and I shared this unique Mango with Noodles Dessert (RM7.50/USD2). Served chilled, it had strands and strands of "noodles" buried underneath a generous amount of mango cubes. I was cautious when it came to eating the "noodles" as they looked like some slippery hor fun (flat noodles). On first bite, I was pleasantly surprised as it turned out to be strands of jelly instead - coconut milk flavoured jelly strands. How interesting! The strands of jelly and the mango cubes complemented each other well.

We had a great time in Kepong - spending approximately RM15/USD4 each in total for our three stops here (Sen Kee Duck Satay, Seng Yuen Fried Noodles and Tim Pun Gor Gor). It was nice to do a food crawl after such a long while - it's what food bloggers do and enjoy best ;o). So, here's to more food adventures!

Tim Pun Gor Gor
(opposite Carrefour)
D-G-6, Jalan Metro Perdana
Taman Usahwan, Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-6251 0209

Work is the meat of life, pleasure the dessert
- B. C. Forbes


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

thank the lucky stars, that the petrol is only RM 1.80/litre too!

J2Kfm said...

least they really try to imitate the REAL deal from HK.

i'll take note of the noodles.


550ml jar of faith said...

Jelly noodles!! Genius! How ever did they achieve that consistency with jelly alone?

babe_kl said...

May the year of Ox bring you all the happiness, good fortune, health and prosperity you wish for.

terri@adailyobsession said...

tt jelly looks good. i can imagine slurping it. i think it may have sicuahnese origins. they have all kinds of liang fun in sichuan, savory n sweet, hot n spicy etc.

gong xi fa cai!

jason said...

Happy CNY!

When are we going back for the "noodles"? :P I bet we won't get lost trying to reach here since it's just behind Carrefour!

mimid3vils said...

Happy Niu Year!!!!

Life for Beginners said...

Now, that's what I call a food crawl! Good food at affordable prices! :)

And to you, my dear and all your UGWUG readers, 新年快乐! :D

Simon Seow said...

Terbalik lah, I had the red bean, Citigal had the black sesame.

Simon Seow said...

Terbalik lah, I had the red bean and Wei Zhi had the black sesame.

wmw said...

Joe : That made the adventure even more worthwhile! :o)

J2Kfm : Happy New Year to you too!

550ml jar of faith : Yah, it's quite amazing!

babe_kl : ...and to all of us too! Thanks!

terri : Well, the staff and setup was indeed very "Chinese" :o)

Jason : Not too sure about not getting lost, you know how bad I am with directions..hahaha..

mimid3vils : Happy Niu Year to you too!

LFB : Yup...that categorizes it as good stuff!

Simon : Heheh...forgot!

CUMI & CIKI said...

so cute the models! lol.. another place for sweets.. that is if after dinner, there is any more room in me stomach... ;D

sc said...

ooo, the mango noodles looks yummy!

wmw said...

Cumi&Ciki: There's always room for desserts! :o)

SC: It is...and rather interesting too, eh?