Monday, March 09, 2009

Restoran Mei Jing in Lukut, Port Dickson


With the busy schedule I've been having, I look forward to the "little" getaways now and then. Having a break even if it's one that doesn't entail getting on board a plane is considered quite a luxury for me nowadays!

So on one of these little "breaks" I had, I found myself in the town of Lukut, Port Dickson with the "Crazies" gang, having lunch in Restaurant Mei Jing (which I jokingly said that we should be cautious that the food will have a generous amount of MSG, since that's what Mei Jing means in Cantonese!). The five of us were famished but most of us had no idea what was good here and so decided to leave the ordering to Crazy ML as she's a regular here.

Butter Milk Sotong
This was ordered on my request, Lai Yau Sotong (Butter Milk Deep Fried Squid) which tasted average though it was crispy.

Scary Fish!
Again, another time for me to say why I don't really like to eat fish....look at this this scary fish! Ah...don't like looking at it!

Wild Fern Shoots Paku Pakis)
Belacan Paku Pakis (Wild Fern Shoots) - I rather enjoyed this veg dish as I love the crunch of it, however would have preferred it to be even spicier...not enough kick for me!

Minced Meat Tofu
One of their "House Specialty" - Minced Meat Tofu. This was yummy, the tofu with a tinge of crisp on the outer layer skin and the minced meat went down well with the steam rice.

Honey Pork Ribs
Now, Mei Jing's Honey Pork Ribs were lovely! There weren't enough to go around. Devoid of any porky smell and served in a nice bite size (I don't fancy the gamey smell and huge chunky cuts!), these were aromatic and had the right amount of sweetness.

Salted Egg Yoke Crabs
But the real winner of the day were the Salted Egg Yolk Crabs! For one who doesn't really fancy seafood, this dish was really good. The crab meat was fresh and firm, the salted egg yolk clung on firmly to the crab and the dish wasn't oily. Seriously one of the better place for salted egg yolk crabs that I've ever tasted!

Afternoon view
After lunch, we went to Crazy ML's apartment by the beach and took a rest. We had our drinks on the balcony while enjoying the view. Soon after the heavy lunch, we all got sleepy and decided to take a snooze and woke up in time to get a good look of the sunset...

Such bliss.....all the busy schedules and tight deadlines disappeared (although just temporarily) and life felt great!

It was a great "breakaway"... Look forward to more of such "luxuries"!

So, if you're ever in Lukut, try out

Restoran Mei Jing
No 3A, Pasar Baru
71010 Lukut
Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan

Tel : 06-651 7958/651 6289
019-631 2178/016-242 5879

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.
~ Author Unknown


Rasa Malaysia said...

The fish looked so scary lah, was the head facing you that night? ;)

BTW, looks like the sea water of Port Dickson is about as poluted as Penang, but I think it still looks bluer.

J2Kfm said...

i've never even stepped onto Port Dickson's ground. malu eh?

salted egg crabs look and sound good from ur raving.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

That pic of the pork ribs got me drooling over the keyboard!! But that's one ugly fish... =S

sc said...

guess if the fish was not split in the centre, it would have looked less scary? hehe. such nice relaxing break you had there eh? *envy envy*

worldwindows said...

Salted egg yolk crab is the way to go. Yum, reminds me to get my fix and Soon Heong or Tak Fok in Aman Puri soon.

wmw said...

RM : Hey there! Long time no hear. Me busy, busy..what about you? Yah lah, I'm really not into fish after experiences like this!

J2kfm : Really? Time to Cuti-cuti Malaysia!

Bangsar-Babe: Yah, the fish is ugly and S-C-A-R-Y!!!

sc : Hey there...aiyah, when is our meetup ah?

worldwindows : Yup, one of my fave styles!

jason said...

Quick, plan more "breakaway"!

wmw said...

Jason : Ok! Where to next???

Anonymous said...

i am with you .. I don't know if that fish should be eaten ... looks like something that would eat us if given a chance to grow big!! - mp

wmw said...

MP : Yup, that's why it's hard for me to eat fish! Hahaha...

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