Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Supper @ The Lodge Paradize Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

After leaving Luna Bar, some of us wanted to have supper and Czar suggested we go for Teochew Porridge at The Lodge Paradize Hotel. It has been awhile since I last went to this place which has been around for decades! We headed straight to Paradize Poolside Coffee House and promptly put in our orders.

Most of us had either ordered the Fried Beef Noodles in egg gravy (RM13.50) or the Teochew Porridge set (RM15), for two to share. I opted for the porridge and shared it with Cookie :o)

Beef Noodles

The Beef Noodles (Kway Teow "Flat Noodles") came flooded with egg swirled gravy that was delicious and the usual ginger slices and spring onions. I tasted some of it and it was quite good.

Teochew Porridge Set
Here's the Teochew Porridge set, a large bowl of plain porridge served with 6 side dishes.

Side Dishes for porridge
A closer look at the side dishes

I must say I rather enjoyed eating this porridge set. I added the gravy from the fried beef noodles to the plain porridge and it was even better! So if you're in the Golden Triangle downtown area and looking to fill your tummy in the wee hours of the morning, this is one of the places you can head to (it's open till 5am daily!).


The Lodge Paradize Hotel
2 Jalan Tengah
Corner Jalan Raja Chulan & Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Mon-Fri 7am - 5am
Sat 11am - 5am
Sun 6pm-5am

Tel : 03-2142 0122

Jules ate HERE too!

P.S. I took the earlier Luna Bar and these pics with my Lumix camera (it comes in handy when you go to places like Luna Bar and don't want to go around with a bulkier DSLR!). It's also handy for nightshots when one doesn't have a tripod as it's lighter and easier to keep your hands steady.

Happiness is "warming up" one's hungry stomach in the early morning
with a bowl of porridge - wmw


qwazymonkey said...

Wow, thanks for reminding me about this place again. It's often forgotten cos of its hidden location. Makan there once when Aero was still operating. Must got back again for some tummy warmers

ciki said...

wah, somebody must have been drinking/partying at lunar bar hor.. and worked up an appetite! LOL (sound like moi)
thx for the tip - i will hunt this place down the next time i party in kl:)

oh ya, btw, pls could you kindly update our site link to (pls ignore if you have!)

Precious Pea said...

I am so 'ulu'...never heard of this hotel before.

babe_kl said...

the condiments come in 2 sets? if yes then it's very worth it cos having this at Teo Chew place in Changkat Thambi Dollah will be more than RM15 for 2!

wmw said...

qwazymonkey : Yup, been here for ages hor? You and Ciki same...can go there makan supper!

Ciki : Can go with qwazymonkey! hehehe....Updated!

Precious P : I think only those living in the heart of KL would know. PJ folks don't come to this corner, hahah...

Babe_KL : No wor ...porridge set comes with 6 side dishes like the first pic.

jason said...

I know I know! It's next to the monorail station, right? Didn't know they serve Teochew porridge!

mimid3vils said...

The beef noddle attract me more~~

Anonymous said...
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