Monday, February 21, 2011

All Day Dim Sum - Rol San, Toronto, Canada

It's another new week and I'm still not fully "myself" due to the long Chinese New Year festivity.  Getting to work has been like starting the car engine on a cold morning.  On the other hand, it would have been good if I did have a car to start - had a car accident just before CNY and due to the fact that I am claiming insurance, my car has been off the road for almost 3 weeks now.  But as I was telling a goes on and we all one life to live, so live it well (no matter what!). So now....let's get back to my post, Canada continues ...

Heading on the the 2nd day in Toronto, BIL (that's Bro-in-law) having done his homework prior to the trip, drove us to Rol San in Chinatown for breakfast.  They served all-day dim sum and apparently Rol-San is one the of better dim sum places in Toronto.  Arriving there early...the shop has a little front door which opens up to a rather large area inside, surprisingly. 
Rol San

Rol San
The staff led us pass the front area which was already filled and into a second area, a hidden back room which began to fill up shortly after we sat down.  The decor is should I put it? Simply Chinese Chinese? hahah....

I must say that the dim sum was quite good, hot and fresh (ordering ala carte). Apart from the usual dim sum fare that we normally have in a dim sum restaurant, I took some pics of those that one doesn't usually find in one.

I enjoyed the chewy crunch of tripe (the only innards I will ever eat)...tasted like it was very briefly sauteed, not just blanched and mix with sesame seed oil and some seasoning-(MSG or no MSG- Great stuff!).

Fried Dumplings
These deep fried dumplings were done well.  They weren't oily and crispy good.  I like the mix meat paste that had chives, I love chives :o)

Rice noodle wrapped crullers
While one might find this in some of the dim sum restaurant back in Klang Valley, I really like Rol San's rice noodles wrapped crullers.   The crullers were smaller and flatten (on purpose?) and this worked out better for me as it meant that they were easier to bite into, making it more palatable.  Dabbed some of the mix soy sauce and sesame seed oil onto it and it's actually the best version I've eaten in awhile.

Pan fried flour dough
While this is a simple offering, these pan fried rice flour dough were great too (reminds me of the "pok chang" my mom used to make).  The dough has a slight salty taste and together with the aromatic spring onions, it was simple food at its best. 

Rol San
By the time we left, there was a crowd (mainly Chinese folks) waiting for tables.  Doors open from 9am-4am! Here's another shot of the "colourful" Rol San, Chinese Chinese ;o)?

Rol San Restaurant
323 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M5T2E9
Tel : (416) 977-1128

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