Monday, November 21, 2011

Must Visit ! Paillard Cafe-Boulangerie, Quebec City

Folks, it's back to Quebec and this time round this post is rather photos intensive as Paillard is a must visit if you're ever walking about Old Town especially.

We decided to grab a bite at Paillard; it's rather well known for its sandwiches.  The moment I stepped into Paillard, I fell in love with the place.

Paillard's entrance
Inviting enough? Paillard's entrance

Dining at long tables & with spacious high ceiling
The place is spacious and the high ceiling makes this place even bigger.  Helps since the place can get quite pack during peak dining hours.

We sat at communal like tables, right along side with some strangers whom we later made friends with during our meal.

I love the counters
I also love the long front counter that runs from one end to the other ... 

Crew at work
Right till where the crew prepare the sandwiches at the other end ... nice lines!

We queue, place and pay for our orders and a number is assigned via our receipt.  Look for a place to sit at the long table and wait for our numbers to be called in French! Hahaha...we had to enlist the help of our friendly "strangers" to let us know when they were indeed calling our our number to collect our orders.

Chipotle Chicken on Paillard bread - chili mayo, grilled chicken, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese ($7.99).  While the ingredients were fresh, the taste was normal but I enjoyed the bread; soft on the inside, crispy on the outside.

Pork Roast on Paillard Bread - Chili Mayo, pork roast, braised ham, Gruyere cheese, carrot salad and dill pickles ($8.49).  This tasted better but didn't rock my socks off as I expected it too.  Maybe cos I dug out the carrot as I don't like em (except in stews).  Hmmm...I wonder if the cold sandwiches would fare better.

and for a sweet ending to the meal, Creme Catalane ($3.25)....delightful crunch on top with a crisp caramel layer.  This is the Spanish version of the French Creme Brulee.  

Paillard has a lot to offer .. from the sandwiches/soup, pastries and coffee/drinks to ...

Dessert area
... Desserts of course

Desserts & Others
and more desserts and assorted boxes of tea leaves for sale

Gelato Counter
Then there's also a gelato counter

And finally the bakery section...Told you that the place is BIG, didn't I? :o)

Spiced Sea Salt
Sis bought some Wildly items (one of Canada's premier brands) from Paillard's too. The Garlic & Basil Spiced Sea Salt is for vegetables and potatoes.  The tulip preserve jar is so cute :o)

Mango & Madras Curry Compote
Mango & Madras Curry Compote for cheese is just one of the many compotes available.  I just love the Wildly range of products and yes I repeat, I love that cute tulip preserve jar.

See, Paillard has a lot to offer under its roof.  You have got to drop by if you're ever in the area to have a memorable French bakery experience (even if our bread picks were average fare)! 

1097 Rue St-Jean, Quebec
Tel : 418 - 692 1221

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