Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Homemade Siew Mai, Roadside Dim Sum Stall! Remembering Penang - Photo Series Part Six


Continuing Penang Photo Series...we now head off to Macalister Road.  I know what you're thinking, going there for the Char Kway Teow right?

Macalister Road Char Kway Teow
Well, let's just say, we did eat Macalister Road's Char Kway Teow but it was not the main reason why we headed there.  The Char Kway Teow is not as good as before but still above average, hence not really the reason why we went there.  For what then? For this...

Macalister Road Dim Sum stall
The roadside dim sum stall just outside the char kway teow place ... serving up simple HOME MADE assorted dim sum.  A big thanks to JC for bringing me to one of her fave stalls since childhood days.

Macalister Road Dim Sum
Oh, how I miss these ... especially the lovely siew mai!

Macalister Road Dim Sum stall owner
And here is the man who started the business as a young man.  Decades later, he now mans the stall together with his son and daughter in law.

Macalister Road Dim Sum
Folks have been eating the dim sum fare here from one generation to the next too.  There are lots of regulars who bought from the stall when I was taking photos there.  Since there are no tables placed along the pavement (except for a few plastic stools), most business are for takeaway; some customers bringing their own containers and buying dim sum by the dozens!  

Macalister Road Dim Sum
You can order the dim sum and take it into the shop yourself and eat in; the dim sum will be served on "makeshift" styrofoam "plates".

Macalister Road Siew Mai
Seriously, one of the best siew mais (one of the many types of pork dumpling) I have had from a roadside stall! Did I mention that I miss having them?  I need to go Penang again! These home made dim sum siew mai has a firm bite and delivers a mouthful of flavours that surprised me.  Simplicity at its best.

Macalister Road Char Siew Bao
There's also the Char Siew Bao, pretty good too.  Lovely minced meat in caramelised dark sauce.

Macalister Road Simple Dim Sum
Remember, these are home made dim sum!

Macalister Road Dim Sum
They served an array of dim sum, not as many varieties as one would get in a dim sum restaurant but when the fare is good, who cares? Definitely not me (as we promptly ordered two more plates of siew mais to chomp on ... nom, nom, nom).  

It's great to see stalls like this still in existence, definitely gives an added character to the food; what more when it's reasonably priced and delicious.  The dim sum was priced at 0.60 each and the bao at RM1.00 each; even if there is a price increase by now, it's still reasonable! Go check it out...stall opens from morning till after lunch time or while dim sum lasts, sometimes it's sold out before lunchtime! :o)


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