Monday, November 25, 2013

HTC One Max Launch, Enjoyment Maximised!

It was back in April 2013 that I had attended the launch of HTC One which won me over and it was love at first sight.  But it looks like the love I have for HTC One is in jeopardy as I have recently attended the HTC One Max launch held at Elegantology, Publika on 21 November, 2013. I have found a new love!

HTC One Max Launch

The HTC One Max looks almost exactly like the HTC One, except that it's bigger. Anyone looking for a phablet (a phone and tablet!) as their next purchase, just stop right here.  The HTC One Max oozes pure entertainment excitement with great performance specifications.

HTC One Max Launch
Alex and Giap of Cubic Platforms, (a retailer of smartphones and accessories and mobile solutions) are stoked with HTC's latest addition to the One family - HTC One Max

HTC One Max Launch
The phablet size HTC One Max running on Android 4.3 with a 5.9" full HD 1080p display looks simply awesome.  Weighing at only 217g, this phablet packs a punch!  While most of the HTC One specifications are found in the HTC One Max with the same premium design. there are several notable additions to take note of:

  • A micro SD card slot has been added (up to 64GB) plus a  free 50GB of online storage on Google Drive for exclusively for HTC One Max owners.
  • Built in Fingerprint Scan to lock/unlock the screen.  It also enable owners to quickly launch up to three applications with three different fingerprints accordingly.
  • Dual Capture; simultaneously shoot a video or a photo with the front and rear camera together to capture both views.  Eg. rollercoaster rides where one can shoot the ride and one's reaction at the same time!
  • Battery performance of up to 25 hours of talktime and 585 hours for standby from the 3300mAh battery capacity!
  • HTC Sense 5.5 which comes with lots of great new features!

HTC One Max Launch
Product Sharing by Wayne Tang, Product Marketing Manager of HTC South Asia

HTC One Max Launch
Officiating the launch of HTC One Max, Sirpa Ikola (Senior Marketing Director of HTC South Asia) and S K Wong (Country Manager of HTC Malaysia)

The HTC One family (left to right) - HTC One Max, HTC One, HTC One Mini

It just keeps getting better! Here's To Change! HTC One Max is available in stores now.

For more information, visit HTC’s webpage or HTC Malaysia’s Facebook page   


wonda said...

How much does it cost? I have access to my blog now but it is still messed up due to double account and password. I am testing to see if my comment could go through my blog.

wmw said...

Wonda : Sorry for the late reply...Its RRP is RM2499. Yup, comment got through!