Monday, February 10, 2014

HTC BoomBass Review

Continuing from my previous post, the second and last part of the review is on the HTC BoomBass speaker accessory. I was sent an HTC BoomBass to test out together with a HTC One Max.  On it’s own, the HTC One Max is already quite an entertainment powerhouse.  The large 5.9” display and the HTC BoomSound dual front facing speakers can stand alone in delivering both high quality video and audio in the smartphones category.  Using the HTC BoomBass (which is also compatible with the HTC Butterfly S  and HTC One0 was easy straight out of the box which is what I like most about it.  It connects wirelessly to the HTC One Max with just a simple NFC (Near Field Communication) tap on the cute 64 x 64 mm (2.5 x 2.5 ")speaker cube  and it disconnects the same way too.

It also works as a reclining stand as the base slides out for one to position the phone in place, making it easy to watch videos and movies. The built-in-battery has lasted me quite a while, I have lost count of how long I have been using it on a one time charge.  So no worries about battery unless we ourselves forget to recharge it! :o)

Here's the HTC One, reclining on the HTC Boom Bass (that's Once Upon A Time, if you're wondering what show that is...)

The HTC BoomBass does not increase the audio volume but enhances audio the way a sub woofer does, adding bass (hence the name) for  a richer and deeper tone.  This is clearly notable when I am watching movies, the HTC BoomBass gives me a more enjoyable mini-cinema experience especially when I am watching on the HTC One Max.  For music, it depends on the original quality of the audio files firstly.  I find that it works better for ballads, classical and instrumental music whereas it seemed a tad “overworked”  and strained for trance tracks.  Check out the full specifications HERE

Overall though, it’s a great accessory to have around especially for on-the-go sharing video/movie viewing and music experience with family and friends.

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