Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Magnum Presents : The Best Of Belgian Indulgence, Celebrate Pleasure!

A word of thanks to Salina & Associates PR Sdn Bhd for the invite to the delightful Magnum event, "Magnum Presents : The Best Of Belgian Indulgence" at Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley Megamall.  Arriving at venue slightly early, I kept myself busy with my camera; taking photos of the place.

Magnum Cafe
The upper area of Magnum Cafe was specially closed off for the event.  

Magnum Cafe - Topping Bar
The Topping Bar with a wide variety for one to customized their own Magnum ice cream.

There has been a constant line of people, queuing up to have a taste of the Magnum ice cream varieties but more so for the opportunity to customize their own Magnum ice cream.  We were given the chance to customize our own Magnum after the lunch event. One can choose from a Vanilla or Chocolate Brownie Magnum with a coating and drizzle of either Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate and 3 toppings from the many varieties to choose from (there are some non standard toppings to choose from like chilli flakes, rock salt, goji berries!), 

Customize Your Own Magnum

Back to the main event....From far just a stick of Magnum ice cream, we were treated to a four course sit down lunch created by Magnum's Group Executive Chef, Chef Steven Chin; who has 13 years of culinary experience. Before lunch was served, Chef Steven Chin briefly described how he came about with the creation of his chocolate inspired dishes.

Chef Steven Chin
Chef Steven Chin

Spice Butternut Squash Velaute
Starters , Spice Butternut Squash Velout; Butternut pumpkin soup scent with cinnamon, topped with shaved bitter dark chocolate.  I enjoyed the soup albeit I am not a fan cinnamon :o).  The bitter dark chocolate taste lingered after a spoonful, and gave balance to the sweetness. 

Marinated Capellini Pasta
Appetizer : Marinated Capellini pasta with ulam-ulaman, served with crisp unagi beignet, salted choc emulsion, soy reduction and crispy ginger. This was surprisingly enjoyable! Each item had a unique taste of its own and formed an ensemble that teased the palate.

Pan Seared Butterfish
Main Course : Pan seared butterfish fillet served with sauteed baby spinach and white chocolate "beurre blanc" sauce.  Not being a fan of fish, I approached this with caution.  I ate the seared part of the fish; delighted by the accompanying "beurre blanc" white chocolate sauce.  The creamy sauce was sweet and rich but also tangy from the apple cider vinegar.  It complemented the butterfish very well.

Death By Chocolate
Dessert : Death by Chocolate
Baked to order warm chocolate molten lava cake, magnum chocolate brownies ice cream and chocolate crunch pearls.  With lots of ice plain water in hand, we attacked the sweet dessert. Definitely something that is meant to be shared, the richness and sweetness could be a tad too much for some! Hahaha.... and as if they thought that we might have lived through Death by Chocolate, we were given more desserts that we available on the current Magnum Cafe menu to indulge in.

Magnum Trifle
Magnum Trifle; meringue with mascarpone cream with a white chocolate dipped vanilla Magnum with strawberries and dried raspberries.

Magnum Red Velvet
Magnum Red Velvet; Vanilla Magnum, dipped with dark chocolate and a slice of red velvet. Magnum ice cream is as good as it gets, however I felt that the red velvet lack the premium taste and was mediocre, hence subtracting a couple of points from this otherwise work of art.

Magnum will be launching a "Celebrating Chocolate Pleasures" campaign in April 2015 with concourse events, digital contests and in-store promotions.  Do visit Magnum Malaysia HERE for more information.

Magnum Cafe
3rd Floor, South Court
Mid Valley Megamall
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

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