Saturday, September 01, 2007

FHM 2007-Culinaire Malaysia 2007 Pt. 2

More pics from the FHM 2007-Culinaire Malaysia 2007. Ahhh....such bliss!

More chocolates! The following three pics are chocolates from Chocolat World (the leaflet also states that they have an outlet in Ikano Power Centre, contact 017-238 7995).


Lime & strawberry chocolates
The Japan section was filled with a crowd as visitors got a quick sushi making class.
Different and colourful roe
Japanese snacks, just as colourful and cute variety of them on display.
My fave okonomiyaki with lots of bonito flakes, yummy stuff!
Another one of my favourite too, MSG laden Japanese rice mix! Hahaha....
We quenched out thirst along the way, thanks to Ben here who mixed us a sample of some refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails...
A section of the culinary competition with the food display
Chefs and great culinary creators alike competing in Food Sculpture category.
Couldn't resist a shot of these lovely strawberries dessert

More be continued!


wonda said...

So you are considered in the food industry to be allowed inside cos you take good shots! Free samplings for you. U would love to watch and sample too.

chenboon said...

delicious chocolate, yummy yummy.
i try another shop at the hall 3, good also.
all of them sell the chocolate cheap.
dun have any chance to try sushi.

ilene said...

Yep, hiccups gone but now sugar level up due to consuming too much chocolates from the beautiful photos uploaded here! heeeeeheeeee!

WMW you know, you would do a good food review apart from your existing job!

mama bok said...

Yummy..!! yummy..!! yummmy..!! you take great pictures..!! i had to be pulled back.. by PB .. coz' i was gonna stretch into the puter and pull out those food.. muahahhhaa!! I had my face so near the puter.. PB got worried.. muahhahaha!!

teckiee said...

I sampled those Japanese snacks and some how one of the Japanese man there over heard my conversation about theirs and Meiji. He asked me to compare. He later wrote down what I commented in his note book. Felt cool hhahahah

Big Boys Oven said...

Ain't they luvly? True heaven!

kat said...

Apa-lah!! I cannot see your pictures!! And LL's and babe's too!!!
But maybe that's a good thing.. then I won't know what I'm missing!! But... luckily (unluckily??) boo's are still viewable! :D

wmw said...

Wonda : Nolah....I think next time though, food bloggers will be considered to be "in" the food industry.

chenboon: So did you buy lots of chocolates. Hahaha...I didn't try the sushi too, too many people!

ilene: My photos so effective one ah??? Hahaha.....thanks for the compliment.

mamabok : Gosh, seriously? PB might just forbid you to visit my blog in future! LOL...

teckiee : And you never got a year's supply of Japanese snacks for your input? ;p

big boys oven : Yes, every part of the hall was!

kat : Hey there! Welcome, welcome! How come cannot? Settled down yet?

Kok said...

How I wish I can put one of those in my mouth. haha!

Judy said...

Wow, your new header photo is fantastic.

Nice food lei. Looking forward to more photos.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Wow!!!!!! I just love all these... why cant they have one of this in Penang??

Jackson said...

to b dare you... i wan to see it all together la

daphne said...

mooncakes as your header? good stuff!

The fair looks excellent man. They should have more of those. SO many kinds of roe, the jap snacks..strawberry desserts! Truly mind-boggling. I wouldn't know where to start! lOl

tankiasu said...

Wow so much good beautiful food. Too bad didn't have time to check out the fair.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

the roe sure got my attention! hehe.

jason said...


MeiyeN said...

O_o da mooncakes pic, awesome!!!! then came this post of yours.... sigh.. so sad that i didn't go for this event :( great job and pics!

wmw said...

kok : Hehe...wishes do come true!

judy : If you click on the header photo, it will lead you to a previous post of mine which I did on mooncakes.

NKOTB : Cos Penang already got too much good food! :o)

jackson : Hahaha....I dare!

daphne : Oh, click on the mooncake photo for my previous post on it. Sigh, I was sad that eventually I had to leave the hall. LOL!

tankiasu : Next time take leave! Is worth it!

Lyrical L : That's what we said when we hit the Japan section, "Lyrical Lemongrass would like this area!" Hahaha...

Jason : Speechless ah?

meiyen : Click on the mooncake photo, can read my old post on it. Make sure you go for the FHM fair in 2009!

xiu long bao said...


Y nobody inform me of this culinaire event! Can only drool over ur pix....the gelato pic is killing me :I

Precious Pea said...


wmw said...

xiu long bao : Eh, next time I let you know ok? :o)

Precious Pea : Hahahahaha.....