Friday, October 12, 2007

Hot Hanoi - Part 3

Hanoi has its share of wonderful sights apart from its interesting street scene. For one, there are lots of lotus ponds around and they make nice picturesque shots.
Pond at The Temple Of Literature founded back in 1070

The temple is also the ground for Vietnam's first university built back in 1076. Here are some photos of the vicinity.
Literature Temple

Literature Temple
Watching over each and every step you make!

We then went on to the Fine Arts Museum, where I only took a few shots before I was told that cameras weren't allowed on the grounds.

Sculpture at Fine Arts Museum

Fine Arts Museum
I ended taking a shot of the guard on duty standing along the corridors instead, she seemed amused!

Oh, as the group were making our way on foot on the streets, I came across a barber operating on the streets and wanted to take a pic. As I was going to take a photo, he showed me a cardboard sign "Photo - 1 USD". So, if you are taking photos in Vietnam, please be informed that some of the folks might just ask you for money. However, he was the only one who did but I was told that it's quite a normal practice. Anyway, I didn't have 1 USD and gave him 5,000 Vietnamese Dong instead (I think it's equivalent to RM1). He was still happy and I was happy that I got my photo.

To be continued ....


Big Boys Oven said...

A lovely place to be...outside my window now is raining heavily!

Judy said...

Great shots. I love the photo of the barber doing his job. Classic.

Rasa Malaysia said...

How did you make your last picture color in the center and black outside? It's the best picture yet from you! I love it. You should enter into contests. :)

mama bok said...

Wow..!! if you take 50 shots in Hanoi.. you'll prolly have to pay $50USD..??

a feast, everyday said...

Amazing pics! love the way u used b/w in ur pics composition, cool!

wmw said...

bbo : Go there in January and enjoy yourself. Not that hot then, cos it'll be winter.

judy : Thanks for the compliment.

RM : :o) Thanks...coming from the 1st place winner of DMBLGIT, that means something! I use Picasa and did a focal B&W effect on it.

mama bok : Oh, not every one of them ask me, only him like I said...FYI, I took more than 50 shots of people there ;o)

a feast, everyday : Thanks...I'm still learning. Photography is very interesting.

Precious Pea said...

I love the lotus pond....i think i wanna do lotus theme at my new house but cannot afford a big pond like that la. Hahahaha! The last picture is nice but somehow, the barber's face too white..err..scary la.

wonda said...

The one pillar pagoda looks like a tree house to me. Cool pix of black and white. U should participate in the photo contest. So professional lei!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Great pics, as always! The last pic is quite interesting - by doing that focal B&W thing, you've added another dimension to the picture.

MeiyeN said...

da water lilies so beautiful!!!!! really nice shots.... and am waiting for your hanoi-part4!

sc said...

beautiful pics! man, i cant wait to go to hanoi end of this month! thanks for the tip on take pics of the locals :)

wmw said...

Precious P : Yah, I love the lotus pond too leh. Huh? The barber's face too white? Where got? I know he wear white baju.

wonda : Mmmm...yeah, it does kinda. Thanks again :o)

Lyrical L : Mmm...the dimension of The Twilight Zone...intro theme plays...

meiyen : Thanks for the compliment. You going Hanoi?

sc: I guess it should be that hot in Hanoi anymore. You're most welcome...hopefully I'll squeeze another post before you go off to Hanoi. Thanks for the compliment.

wonda said...

That black and white pix has an indelible imprint on my mind. So I came back to tell you that the mirror doesn't lie! ^_^

wmw said...

wonda : Errr.....????

wonda said...

I am trying to say that I noticed that the mirror reflection of the barber and his customer is not in black and white; it shows the true color. Can you make that black and white too?