Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pick n' Brew, Glenmarie Shah Alam

Since Jackson's been running Pick n' Brew in Shah Alam, I've made several visits to that place, with flogger friends, non blogger friends and family. As a matter of fact, I've had breakfast, lunch and dinner there! I've actually enjoyed my meals here.....and am probably the last of the lot to post about the meals with the floggers. Much has been written about this place and I guess since my meals here were mostly with them, I won't have to say much and I'll just link their blogs! hahaha.....Please note, I didn't eat all these food in one sitting and neither did I eat all of these in several sittings. I have personally tried the American Breakfast, Lamb Tikka and the Gold Medalion Of Beef, desserts and lovely coffee!


Breakfast Set
Muffin - American Set
Breakfast Steak
Breakfast Steak
American Breakfast
American Breakfast

Read about Pick n' Brew breakfast sets and dinner from Lyrical Lemongrass


Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Ethan's Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (RM17/USD5), tossed Romaine with Caesar dressing topped with croutons, bacon bits, shaved Parmesan cheese.
Mushroom Soup
My "Cappuccino" Wild Mushroom soup (RM12/USD4), that's the foam of mushroom. Lovely soup.
Grenobloise Salmon Fillet
Mom's Grenobloise Salmon Fillet (RM30/USD10), boiled potatoes, roasted vegetable and capers with lemon butter
Oven-baked Oats & Almond Crusted Snapper
Owen's Oven-Baked Oats and Almond Crusted Snapper with roasted vegetables and potatoes, served with chunky basil tomato (RM28/USD9)
Ethan's main Moussaka, oven-baked minced lamb with brinjal and cream cheese (RM20/USD6)
Pick n' Brew Cakes
Collection of cakes (Clockwise from Top) Blueberry Cheesecake, Warm Strawberry Cheesecake, Carrot Walnut Cake, The Drive For Food inspired Apple Crumble Cheesecake and Banana Walnut cake. Selection of cakes varies daily.

Here's the "inspiring" video of the Apple Crumble Team again.

Read more about lunch from Ethan - Spare Change

Pick n' Brew


Salmon Gravlax with Scallion Cream & Parmesan Tuille
I gave my appetizer to Teckiee, she seemed to enjoy the Salmon Gravlax (cured with salt, pepper and dill) with Scallion Cream and Parmesan Tuille.
Lamb Tikka with Rice Pilaf
Jason loved his Lamb Tikka with Pilaf Rice (RM17/USD5), the marinated spice lamb pieces were so flavourful. I should know as I had this for lunch on another occasion.
Grilled Medalion Of Beef
My Grilled Medallion Of Beef, with infused oil and coffee bean mustard (RM35/USD11). The beef was tender and loved the gravy and the coffee bean mustard!
Herb Crusted Rack Of Lamb
Precious Pea's Herb Crusted Rack Of Lamb with apple mint yoghurt (RM33)/USD10)
Chicken Chimicangas
Splashie Boy gave two thumbs up to his Chicken Chimichanga (RM19/USD6) , deep fried tortilla stuffed with diced chicken and tomatoes.
Angel Hair Marinara
Jackson's Angel Hair Marinara (RM22/USD7), served with prawns, green mussels and squid
Seafood Galore
Both Boolicious and Lyrical Lemongrass had this which was on the special menu at that time, Seafood Galore On Feta Spinach (RM40/USD13), which also includes a glass of Lorina Sparkling Juice). This was spinach baked mussels, prawn thermidor, grilled fish - finished off with olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes.
Latte Art
Jackson's Latte Art Masterpiece
Pick n' Brew Coffee
Our latte art masterpieces - we give a new meaning to the words "Art Attack"! Hahaha...
(From Bottom Left to Right : Precious Pea's, Teckiee's unfinished art, Lyrical Lemongrass', Teckiee's finished latte art, and yours truly poor attempt of Jackson's masterpiece).

Read Jason's, Teckiee's (we celebrated her birthday here) and Precious Pea's take on dinner and XLB's coffee break with me. Simon also had lunch here with his friend's girlfriend!

Pick n' Brew
I miss the lovely rose bud tea! Not available on the menu, it was a special item on one of the days we were there. Hope it will be a regular item soon.

Pick n' Brew will be opening its second outlet in 1 Utama, F233 1st Floor Promenade (above SOHO) on Mar 30, this Sunday.

Pick n' Brew Cafe (click HERE for location map)
No. 2, Jalan U1/17
Seksyen U1,
Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park
40000 Shah Alam

Mon - Fri : 8am - 8pm, Sunday :8sm - 3pm
(Close on Sat and Public Holidays)

Be a coffee-drinking individual - espresso yourself! ~ Author Unknown


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

photos look so good. KL has its traffic n other drawbacks but the food def softens the blows :))

Rasa Malaysia said...

MW, will be in KL on April 24 and April 25 on biz trip. Would love to go eat crab and seafood (King Crab?) with you guys if available. Please ask Unka too. I will be staying at The Westin.


jason said...

I still love the Lamb Tikka! Now they're opening a second branch at 1U, it will be easier to drop by in the future :)

JOjo said...

Really? They are gg to open a branch in 1U? Yeah, then i can get to try their food, given if im in KL in the first place =p

I want to try their food *yelling out for good-looking,great-tasting food*~~~

Jackson said...

ho ho ho...thx to blog about it..... glad that u enjoy..

beachlover said...

The food and presentation look really great!! much food and coffee!.must visit jack one day soon b4 I go back!

Jun said...

dun think i can stomach steak for bfast, but the chunks of meat for dinner, now THAT'S another story :)

Judy said...

When I read Jackson' blog, I knew that you will surely blog about it.
My goodness, the food is so lovely. What is the story behind all the decor on the cuppucino head? Love it.
Le tongue again ah? :P

All the best to Jackson and I wish I could be there to try all the food out.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

WOW! I love your pictures and have bookmarked this. YUM!

ai wei said...

happy tht they are having another branch in one U. gonna visit the one in one U cz shah alam toooo tooo tooo far away ar!~

Ethan said...

The opening on the 30th was published in the newspaper (I can't remember what collumn)

So, is my job still secured down there in 4 years time? hahaha

Simon Seow said...

Wah, detailednya. I noticed the price in 1 U is a bit more, I think due to the high rental there.

wonda said...

Wah, so many to choose from! All sapu!

Anonymous said...

is this Jackson one of your friends who went on that "food" road trip with you to Penang? sorry, got sort of confused with names here. Anyway, the food pics looked impressiv indeed. you know where you can bring me to the next time i'm around :)

wmw said...

Terri : No fear, there's now a branch in 1 Utama!

RM : Noted. Will check with Precious Pea a.k. Queen Crab about King Crab. Will email you.

Jason : How come you didn't eat Lamb Tikka then? ;o)

Jojo : Yup, confirmed, open for business yesterday!

Jackson : No worries! Will visit the 1U outlet more obviously since it's nearer to me.

beachlover : Oh, please do. When are you heading back?

Jun : On your next trip back here!

Judy : Hehehe...we had a chance to do some art latter ourselves, that's the story. Le Tongue??? I'm lost!

Rasa Malaysia said...

Thanks...FBB told me about her too, that she knows the people at King Crab. Looking forward to your email confirmation. :)

Anonymous said...

Wah... food look good... you enjoying yr SLR? will have lunch with u in Glenmarie (when all my bosses not around ok) then can eat long long... but since got outlet in 1U, u might not wanna go glenmarie anymore :( Wow2

Nic (KHKL) said...

glad that the new branch is much nearer to my place...hehe...will have no more reasons not to check out this place...wanna go?

teckiee said...

hoik... king crab?

wmw said...

E meets W Kitchen : Thanks for the compliment!

ai wei : Yes. Mmm...unless those who lives in Shah Alam :o)

Ethan : I suppose? But a lot of things can happen in 4 years :o)

Simon : the one located in Shah Alam is in their own building!

wonda : Can sapu all...but need to do breakfst, lunch and dinner there lo! Hahaha...

Anonymous : Err...Are you who I think you are? Hehehe...Otherwise don't take "anonymous" characters around town ;o)

RM : Have sent out an email to her, ccing you :o)

Wow2 : Sure, can go there. But I much rather prefer roast duck if I were to drive up, might as well drive even further ;o) Enjoying my DSLR but these photos were taken using the other small fella.

Nic : Yeah, will probably be frequenting this place. Call me!

teckiee : King Crab! Hahaha...Will keep you posted ;o)

Anonymous said...

Wah, this is like the one-stop introduction to Pick 'N' Brew... everything you need to know and all the gorgeous pics to seduce foodaholics... ;)

tigerfish said...

Would like breakfast steak or American breakfast for bf coz I'm always a savory person! And dinner, I'll pick angel hair marinara....
Sorry.....I'm talking as if I can eat the food but I really wish to!

sc said...

by now, you know you deserve a loyalty card from pick&brew rite? ;p

J2Kfm said...

wow the pictures alone deserve a mention !!! Since a flogger actually runs this, assume u have discount card? ;)

Kok said...

All the food looks so good. And I am quite sure they tastes good too!

wmw said...

Kenny : Haha...Mmm, I guess it is a one stop intro :o)

tigerfish : Well, wishes can come true!

sc : I know, but does Jackson ??? LOL!

j2kfm : No discount card leh...

kok : Come to Bandar Utama and find out :o)

~Christine~Leng said...

I can't wait to try out the food at Pick n Brew! waitin... waitin... ;P

wmw said...

Christine : Waiting for what? Who???

maysin said...

All those lattes are too pretty to drink!

wmw said...

Maysin:But drank it we did! Hehehe...

Shirley Khor said...

Lovely place & the food look so tempting! I was in KL last week to see Sean Kingston's concert. I did think of going to Pick 'n' Brew but I wasn't in that area & transportation was an issue. Will drop by on my next trip to KL ;) Hope to see u guys too. If possible, do u mind giving ur contact details so that I can reach u when Im planning to go to KL again? We can hang out :)