Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exotic Enigmatic Egypt! Transport Part 5

Here are pics of the different modes of transport I came across and some which I personally had the experience of taking during my trip in Egypt. Seriously, I have never taken so many modes of transport before in all my previous trips!
Row Boat
Long Boat
I'm not sure what to call this but a long boat?
Cruise Ship
Camel vs horse
Camel vs. Horse Carriage
Horse Carriage Shadow
Shadow of Horse Carriage that I took
Horse Carriage
A skinny Horse Carriage
Parking system
Here, you have your usual car (a clean one!). Just wanted to show you the parking system. If you don't put enough money into the parking meter or don't come back in time, you'll find that you'll be unable to drive your car away. They have this mechanism built into the road that will rise and block your way out!
Squat Bus
Public Tram Bus (Note the local guy who's squatting!)
Tour Bus
Tour buses
Taxi (the yellow and black colour reminds me of Malaysian taxis of yesteryear)
Taxi Van
Taxi Van
No door Taxi Van
And my most scary ride of all, sitting in a no door taxi van!!!

To be continued...


Precious Pea said...

No door taxi van? Isn't that like tut-tut?

Jackson said...

i swear i wan to go Egypt

Jason said...

Oooo... what a innovative parking system they have (a pain in the butt for us though!)

team bsg said...

based on your immaculate knowledge and intimate movements which logistically take you around efficiently , we humbly award you the highest honour of inter-mobility unmatched

vkeong said...

I absolutely love pic #1 and #3.. the colors are very nice.. question though.. did you do any post processing or they are natural? :)

a feast, everyday said...

That horse pulling d carriage is so skinny...poor thing!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ahah tuk tuk in XXL style!

jason said...

Oh, btw... if wanna see black and yellow taxi, come to Ipoh!

Nic (KHKL) said...

quite similar to malaysian means of transportation, hor?

well, except for the donkeys and horses lar..haha! imagine riding a horse to zouk..hehehe....

Anonymous said...

Don't they feed their horses...the poor fella was beyond extreme emaciation. The device to "lock" in a car for failure to deposit sufficient $ for parking is ingenious! But i can see myself tripping over such a contraption! great pics, my friend. -- mp

Henry Yeo said...

looks like a bangkok tutut

Beachlover said...

look like you enjoy your trip very much?..No door taxi!!oh!! I must shit in my pants liao!!hehehe!!

wmw said...

Precious P, Joe, Henry : Well, is similar...but if I was riding a tut tut, I'll be prepared. This was a van with no doors. Try to imagine being driven in a foreign land with traffic zipping by at night in a van with no doors??? It's a different feeling.

Jackson : You'll starve from the lack of variety of food. LOL

Jason : Hahaha...yeah. Hmm...go to Ipoh not to see taxi lo, go there to EAT! ;P

Team BSG : Hahaha..Thanks for the award!

vkeong : I had just brighten or darken the pics. Didn't do anything else. Thanks for the compliment.

A feast, everyday : Yah, some horse were skinny and some were healthy. Not all were skinny.

Nic : Well, don't forget that the road will be littered with poop! :)

MP : Yah, I think I'll trip over that parking contraption too. Hahah...

Beachlover : I suppose it's a matter of mind over matter, but I did hold on tightly (except when I took that shot..hahaha)

Cokeworld Citizen said...

XD hahaha ride skinny horse to Zouk...

Boat ride nice? From the picture the water is kinda clean.

Let's see...water transport, land transport...air leh? No helicopter? hehehe...

ai wei said...

i love all these pictures! what a perfect documentary!~

jo said...

They also have similar parking system in Japan. Malaysia tries to create job/ tea opportunities...

Jessica said...

i like the camels....they look really cute, did you try to ride?

wmw said...

Cokeworld Citizen : Yeah, the water is definitely cleaner than our Malaysian river. Didn't sit helicopter aeroplane, went there with Emirates :)

ai wei : Thanks...transport documentary??? :o)

Jo : Hahaha...I see what you mean about Malaysia and opportunities, hahaha.

jessica : Oh, sadly...we were told not to go on the rides. We were told of stories where after some tourists got on, they were asked for some exorbitant amount before they are allowed to get off the camel!

CK Lam said...

The parking system is very need to waste man power going around on their motocycles checking on the parking meters.