Monday, July 28, 2008

Apom @ Ming Tien Food Court,Taman Megah, P Jaya

A long time ago (yes, another post from my archive!) I introduced Precious Pea and Masak-masak to a favourite stall of mine located at Ming Tien Food Court in Taman Megah. I might have a problem ordering food from the many stalls located here but one stall that I never fail to get my favourite snack from will be from here...

Apom Stall
Apom - pancake like snack; made from batter mixture of coconut milk (santan) and flour, egg and sugar:o)
Making the Apom
Making of the Apom - batter is poured into a miniature wok
Several miniatures woks line the hot stove; apom is cooked when its brown and it's then folded into these...
Apom - thin and cripsy snacks . Almost as light as air, these snacks are dangerous as one can eat pieces and pieces of these without realising the damage till later or end up leaving none for their friends :o).

Apom Balik - Banana
Here are some Banana Apom Balik in the making. A thicker and softer version, some grated coconut is added to the batter which is poured into the 9 piece apom mold.
Apom Balik - Sweet Corn
Here's the Sweet Corn variety - which I prefer as I don't like the slightly sourish aftertaste of the banana variety.
Apom Balik
Once they turn brown, it's folded into halves and whallah....
Apom Balik
These Apom Balik beauties are ready to be eaten; just as "dangerous" as the thin Apom.

I normally get a bit of both as I can't decide which I like better! Best eaten warm and though a light snack; they can be quite a tummy filler as one can easily "overdose". Hahaha...Well, of course this can't beat the ones from Penang but as long as I'm in Petaling Jaya, this will be where I get my apom fix :P

Ming Tien Food Court
Jalan SS24/8
Taman Megah
Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel : 03-7806 4991

Obviously, a snack can't be called a snack when you eat not 1 or 2 or 3 but an "uncountable" lot! - wmw


ilene said... court also got telephone no?!

Now I know where to take my mum to after her medical check up. She's been craving for all those Penang stuff but I didn't know where to venture to except to our usual chee cheong fun & fried kueh teow at SS 2 and at Paramount. Thanks.

myCoffee said...

The soft version is my favourite but other than in Penang, it's so hard to find in KL/PJ.

Jackson said...

honestly, i miss the time we go for food hunting together!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nice nice...somehow im a sucker for sweet corn..more like anything sweet..die!

wmw said...

Ilene: Hey there!!!!!! When are we meeting up again? :o)

mycoffee : Well, it's hard to look for it, that why I go to this stall in Ming Tien time and time again!

Jackson : Awwww....I miss those times too. Quick! Take a day off and we'll go food hunting!

Joe : :o) I love desserts sweet, not just sweet anything though.

daphne said...

banana or sweet corn.. i will wallop BOTH!

Anonymous said...

Beauties indeed :)

Ethan W. said...

sweetcorn + dissected coconut (is that the correct term for "the shaved coconut flesh"?), is like the best, man.

I'd never thought I'd see an entry from Ming Tian :D

catsndogs said...

yeaa .. this is my starter everytime i go Ming Tian for makan session.... just RM2 for a starter.... ahhhh :P.
felt like dropppinb by dinner tonight :)

tigerfish said...

Don't know why but when I see this, I'm reminded of Thosai/Dosa...other than the fillings :D

wmw said...

Daphne : And wallop we will! Hahaha...

Jason : Ipoh got or not???

Ethan : You mean desiccated? Not a whole lot in one...but there is a bit.

catsndogs : Yay! Aiyah...still haven't met up with you! :o)

tigerfish : Hmmm... there are similarities!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm-apom served hot with vanilla bean ice cream--oh yeeaaahhhh! whadaya think?-mp

Precious Pea said...

I still prefer those with crushed peanut fillings.

Anonymous said...

have u tried the sweet appam at bangsar? its reli good :D

Bernsy said...

i really thought in the beginning , for a ONE day off, u go all the way to Gurney Drive, hahahaha for a food hunt, hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

Definitely looked better than the baklava i had last nite.. :)

wmw said...

MP: Hahaha...that's the westernized variety, eh?

Precious P: I like those too...Oooh! Found a really good one in SS2 pasar malam!

KBCG: Not in Bangsar, tried Apam Manis in TTDI, I like it.

Bernsy : Well, for one day off, I went all the way to Ipoh for food hunt! Hahaha...

C-rex : Aiks! LOL!