Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Japanese Goodies

Seem to be clearing my archives nowadays! The Japanese are such creative people. Check out my old post where I bought some rice crackers and they were packed into shapes of little people! Sis-in-law went to Japan for work sometime late last year and came back with lots of goodies. Sorry, not able to furnish details of where to get these cakes but they are such a wonderful sight. Here are some of them!
Origami Paper
The only non food related photo in today's post - some cute accessories and lots of origami paper! I just love the colours and the motifs.
Mon Chou Chou packaging
The Japanese are really good at "packaging" marketing. I love this bright orange box. What's inside??? Cakes from Patisserie Dojima, Dojima Hotel
Original and Gree Tea Flavour cake
The famous Dojima Roll Cakes, Original and Green Tea Flavour. Looks like two rolls of some double sided tape, eh? Hahaha....Its texture is nice but somehow it doesn't score on the flavouring. Pretty normal but visually appealing!
Another package to be opened!
Japanese Rice Crackers
Ahhh...this time, lovely assorted rice crackers! Have always loved "sembei" - Japanese rice crackers as I like the combination of soy sauce, nori (seaweed) and other ingredients that makes this such a tasty snack!
Dorayaki (Red Bean Cake)
And here we have assorted shapes of dorayaki - red bean paste cake. They taste better when eaten warm, heat them up a bit before eating.
Another type of well known cake from Japan though its origins is from Spain - the Castilla Kasutera Japanese Sponge Cake.
Kasutera Japanese Sponge Cake
Just looked at how fine the cake texture is! It's another visually appealing cake but again, lacking in flavour for me. Maybe some of you reading this would like to try the recipe out and see how it turns out. Let me know of your success stories!

If you understand everything, you must be misinformed
- Japanese Proverb


Anonymous said...

Design Overload!!! Wow, I love what the Japanese do with their packaging... they put such emphasis on it. Nice post, dear.

J2Kfm said...

i love the rice crackers!
when my aunt's godsis from Japan came over, she would bring a HUGE canister of them, though taxing when she's taking the flight. hehe ... the cake is sweet and not buttery right?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

must be our strong flavours that we r so used to in malaysia? or seriously no taste ar?

New Kid on the Blog said...

I was thinking if there's a Japanese dessert shop in KL or Penang, I can imagine how many gluttons down there lining up for desserts. :)

Those goodies are lovely!!! WIsh I can have it all. :D

Anonymous said...

hmm.. i agree with you on the lack of taste or kick in some of the beautifully packed desserts. But they score A++++ for packaging! - mp

Big Boys Oven said...

did not know that you had keep so many goodies, if not I would come over and ransack them as they are so lovely! lol!

Jun said...

speaking of jap, i had so much in spore-- no wonder i'm broke :( jap in msia is so ex, even the small packets of snacks! how to survive in kl!!!?

HairyBerry said...

another gripping title...cos i thought you finally had sashimi..LOL!

Precious Pea said...

It reminded me of all the goodies Hubby brought back from Tokyo. Lovely packaging but like you said, bland and not tasty. Most of it ended up in the rubbish bin.

daphne said...

All those pretty packaging.. I think I will probably buy at impulse and not sure whether to eat the goodies or not!

wmw said...

Kenny/Joe/MP/Precious P : Yup, the packaging is really so beautiful but I guess they try and make up in the area because the food isn't that tasty (well, except for the rice crackers). I don't know, maybe us Malaysians just like a stronger flavour for our food!

j2kfm : Yah, I really like them too. Yeah, the cake tasted something like that, not memorable for taste but looked good.

NKOTB: I think Jap stuff appeal to most of us. The goodles look good but not tasty leh.

BBO : would have to go to my brother's house to ransack them!

Jun : Yeah, I think I love eating the Japanese snacks; rice crackers, assorted peanuts (especially the Kasugai ones!)

Nic: Must everything be so "drama" one ah??? Hehehe....

Daphne : Buy to admire and not to eat? :o)

tigerfish said...

Jap packaging is always so fascinating. They distract me from the food. :)

Cynthia said...

I would give anything to be able to try all of these goodies!

ling239 said...

i like those origami paper!!!
used to buy them from Isetan....

sc said...

the packaging is so gorgeous sometimes, i really hesitated to open it..hehe

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

Omgz..So many Japanese Goodies!
I like J- creative cultures too=)
Very unique*

Anonymous said...

My Japanese biz associate once brought this sponge cake from Japan to was great. :)

Anonymous said...

The cake really caught my attention o_o The texture and perfect shape.. just amazing. Too bad it didn't turn out as tasty eh.. :(

Sugar Bean said...

Wow, so many goodies that you received. Yeah, I really like their packaging, very nice and delicate. How'd all the cakes tasted? Should be good right?

Anonymous said...

Japanese really are the master of packaging and presentation. I wouldn't even care if the cakes didn't taste good. LOL

wmw said...

tigerfish:That's the whole idea I suppose :o)

cynthia: Well, not as tasty as they look...

ling239: I love origami... and kirigami too.

sc : Yah...till the food expires??? LOL!

jeromefo: Yes, I find the culture quite fascinating too.

Bee Yinn : Hmmm...looked like you had a tastier version than mine :o)

vkeong & cc : Well, it was really lovely to look at...but would have been bonus points if the cake was good.

Sugar bean : No wor, the cakes wasn't tasty, just sweetness and not that flavourful.