Saturday, August 16, 2008

Exotic Enigmatic Egypt! Part 10

My sis and family are in town for just a week and I've been accompanying them in a whirlwind of activities for the past 5 days. Anyway, here's a quick and short Part 10 of Egypt which features photos of two temples. Click on the highlighted words to learn more, I'm off to bed soon :o).

Temple of Kom Ombo

Temple of Kom Ombo

The next day, we took the horse carriage to the Temple Of Edfu

Temple Of Edfu

Temple of Edfu - Passageway
Listening to our guide, Mohamad as he tells us the story of Horus as depicted on the walls.

Hieroglyphs - Temple Of Edfu
Deciphering Hieroglyphics

Temple Of Edfu - Statue Of God Horus
Statue of the God of Horus made from black granite

Temple Of Edfu - Hypostyle Hall
Hypostyle Hall

Story Telling in Temple Of Edfu
More story telling inside the temple.

Inside Temple Of Edfu
Small passageways with steps inside the Temple. I took this photo while taking a breather!

To Be Continued ...


dolphing said...

I like the paparus painting from Egypt. ^^

jason said...

Finally can take pictures inside the temple! There are lights inside?

FD said...

omg! amazing!

mama bok said...

Awesome pictures..!

sc said...

just gorgeous... i would love to go to egypt too, to see and feel the hieroglyphics..alas, no $$ , way too expensive for me :(

daphne said...

Woah! Magnificent!

wmw said...

dolphing : Yes, it's quite amazing.

jason : It's very dim inside, but certain areas have light shining through an opening high up on the wall.

FD : Yup, such wonders!

Mama Bok : Thanks!

SC : Save money for this "must in your life time" trip ;o)

daphne : This trip gave me quite an "unbelievable" feeling that I was there seeing all these sights for real! :o)