Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exotic Enigmatic Egypt! Part 12

Came evening time, we were all psyched up for a carriage ride into town. Mohamad, our guide had us all walked into a lane where 10 horse carriages were waiting for the 20 of us. It was quite a blast riding convoy into town!

Riding into Town
It was hard trying to take a photo while I was riding along. I purposely took the last carriage so that I could take shots from the back.

Riding Through The Market
We actually rode through a night market which had a narrow path. You can see how close the shops are to us on our right and left. The stalls selling clothes and fabric hang their goods above and across; creating an interesting "tunnel". This is one of my fave shots.

Trying out Shisha
After the ride was over, the group of us decided to have a go at Shisha (Hookah). Most of us failed miserably at it as no matter how we sucked and sucked the hose and inhaled, we couldn't get any smoke out from us when we exhaled. So, I guess one could say that we truly sucked at it in the truest sense! Hahaha....Mohamad must have been laughing at us fools at that time and decided to show us how the Egyptians do it!

How it's Done!
Mohamad The Dragon

The next day, (with our heads cleared!) we were off to visit more temples. This time the Temple Of Karnak. Click HERE & HERE to read more about this place. This was another "National Geographic" moment for me.

Temple Of Karnak

Temple Of Karnak

Temple Of Karnak

Temple Of Karnak
See the broken statue with just the legs on the right? That is how they signify which of the statues were of the living and not the dead; those with the left feet forward.

Temple Of Karnak

More storytelling from Mohamad

Temple Of Karnak

Temple Of Karnak - Female Deity
Stay tune for the final part of Egypt's Mysteries & Wonders

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Wow your pictures are amazing. I have traveled to South America, Western Europe, and Southern Africa. But I haven't been to Egypt yet.

Btw I just found a new travel site, You should check it out and upload your pictures from Egypt.


Kok said...

The photos of your bumpy ride has a different effect. hehe.

Seems like Egypt is a great place to visit. Perhaps... some days when I have the $. :D

Precious Pea said...

Eventhough no smoke coming out from the nose, your friends still very 'happy' hor? Hehe.

Nic (KHKL) said...

i wonder if one can get "high" on shisha...must try..hehe

"The Dragon" looks so cool...hehehe...

ilene said...

Gee WMW, your Egyptian photos seem endless!! Did you have enough memory in the chip to store these bountiful photos? Taking lots of photos is a good way to cherish those wonderful moments and places. Agree?

Christy said...

It must be really really hard (not to mention bumpy) to take pictures during that camel ride!!

Ooooo....I never thought much about Egypt but your pics...they make them look so attractive...that it's such a great place to visit!!~

CUMI & CIKI said...

love the tunnel shot too!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

You're a fantastic photographer. Very national geographic-like photographs. :-) Well done!

Jun said...

wah, u sure the final part coming up? egypt egypt then kl then egypt then kl THEN egypt again @_@ dun play tricks on my mind lah, i'm already quite screwed talking to my psych patients...

J2Kfm said...

stunning shots. Izzi at Bkt Bintang also got Shisha la, I think around RM20-25 per shot. looks kinda fun, with so many flavours to choose from. or was it?

wmw said...

Melissa : Thanks! Egypt is really such a place of history.

kok : What effect woh? Yes, save money, am sure you will go there at an age younger than me ;o)

Precious P : Yeah, we were all Happy Happy, some with, some without the effects ...hehehe

Nic : Uh...the answer is YES!

Ilene : Yes, I made sure I brought sufficient memory cards. Yes, that's why I blog about my travel..good memories.

Christy : Not a camel but horse carriage. I doubt I would still be so cool to take photos if I was a camel. Cos I would be holding on for dear life. Hahaha...

Cumi&Ciki : :o) Thanks!

Lyrical L : Thank you. Such a compliment for a great photographer such as yourself makes me blush! :o)

Jun : Yes, only one more think so! :p

j2kfm : Smoking Shishas in Egypt and smoking Shishas in Bukit Bintang is just so different! LOL!

Ethan said...

Part 12 now? You should seriously consider turning this into a travel log kind of book and sell it to promote tourism in Egypt!

Food Promotions said...

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Simon Seow said...

I want Shisha.

wmw said...

Ethan : Ending on the 13th part! LOL!

FoodPromotions : Thanks!

Simon : Klang Valley has it but of course like I said, not the same "feel".