Monday, September 01, 2008

Over The Weekend ...

... I drove JC's dog around and had fun playing games with him.

Buddy's so cute...resting his head against the side of the floor console and looking at me!

Buddy's a really good boy! Such a joy to take him around. He can do all sorts of tricks - High 5, Gimme a Ten, Roll Over, Play Dead, How Do You Do, Balance, Lay Down etc. etc. (Photos taken with camera phone while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, I don't click and drive!)

...had a picnic with LOTS of great food at one of my favourite place with one of my favourite group of people.


while getting some R&R
and enjoying the serenity of it all in the later part of the evening
Where one can find such wonderful serenity located right outside one's house!
(Location : LakeEdge Puchong which I've blogged on back in 2006

...celebrated our National Day with a discovery of a new place where they have (drum roll!)...
Hoegaarden on Tap!!!
Imported beers on tap! Look at how cold it is! That's ice!
Hoegaarden 1 pint and 1/2 pint
and turns out that Sunday is Happy Hour all day long. Hoegaarden Draught 1/2 pint goes for RM14 and 1 pint RM24 (usual RM16 and RM28 respectively. RM2 and RM4 cheaper is still better than nothing! Mon-Sat Happy Hours are from 5pm - 8pm).
Location : Brussels Beer Cafe, Jaya One
(Sorry pics from Brussels aren't clear, taken with camera phone and the place is dim)

To be continued...(I wish it was with beer but it's about the picnic. Hehehe)


worldwindows said...

Yes I like the place. Enjoy it while you can. I like YTL projects and hope the local council is able to prevent illegal dumpings into the lake.

J2Kfm said...

wah cute dog!
let's intro that to my Lulu.

I spent the wkend sniffing, sneezing, and napping away.sigh ...

Anonymous said...

Oh the place looks beautiful at night with all the lights... wish I am staying in a place like that... :)

sc said...

buddy's really cute! ah, i had a lovely, relaxing merdeka weekend too :)

Precious Pea said... cute. Next time you wanna bring my dogs for a ride ar? Don't know why, they are hooked for car ride nowadays.

Ethan W. said...

Eh, thats a really cute dog :)

Do you have any pointers when taking snaps of pets? Besides them being very very obedient of course. Cause whenever I try to take pictures of friends dogs, they like to jump on me haha

Anonymous said...

Nice name ^^
Is that where you went for picnic on Saturday? I thought it was raining after lunch.

LianneK said...

for a while there, i thought that was Pea! lol ... and wow, lakeside puchong is beautiful and tranquil. guess you had a fab time there. Cheers Mate!

wmw said...

worldwindows : Oh dear, has the dumping started yet?

j2kfm : Lulu's in Ipoh? Also a Shih-Tzu? My friend is trying to get Buddy to start a family. Hehehe...Let me know.

LFB: I wish I was too!

SC : He's is such a cutie! And he gives unconditional love! Hahaha....

Precious P : Can, I don't mind at all, as long as they don't jump around :o)

Ethan: Oh, being obedient helps. But maybe you can distract them by giving them their favourite toy or treats to chew on. Then you can take pics while they're occupied.

Jason : The rain stopped later and the sun came out! My friend said I brought the sweet of her :o)

Lianne : Hey there girl! You're having a swell time in a lovely place yourself. How nice too!

Big Boys Oven said...

this is just lovely, a way to spend the lovely weekend, scenic view picnic and end with a few pints of lager! It is sucn an inspiration for me, truely. By the way what did you cook for the picnic?

New Kid on the Blog said...

nothing caught my attention except buddy!!! so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

life's good..cute doggie, nice scenery, good frenz and yummy food

backStreetGluttons said...

a rare fasting post

selamat berpuasa

Ciki said...

harlo! cute dog btw - love the shots u take - neat blog:D

wmw said...

BBO : I brought mooncakes! :o)

NKOTB : Not only cute, Buddy's hair is fluffy and soft!

KBCG : Yah, a nice slow and easy long weekend.

BSG : when are we going drinking? :o)

cumi & ciki : Hey there! Thanks :o)

蓝双子 said...

what a relaxing day woh... hehehe

Anonymous said...

Buddy is such a cute little dog!

k.t.x said...

hoegaarden is really cool...very citrusy...i like it. emmm this place cheaper then the ...errr...what's it call....german gasthaus or something...hehe. cool. i will head tehre one day...happy hours of coz...lets go...ajak team bsg k?

wmw said...

BlueGemini: Yah, if only all weekends were similar and where Monday is a holiday all the time :o).

katie : He's an adorable doggie (almost human! Hahaha...).

k.t.x : Hahaha...can can, don't call me last minute! Can call BSG also!