Thursday, October 02, 2008

Exotic Enigmatic Egypt! Part 13 - Final

Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple

Temple Of Luxor

Karnak Temple
Picking up from Part 12, we went around Karnak Temple and proceeded to move on to the Temple Of Luxor.

Temple Of Luxor

Temple Of Luxor

Temple Of Luxor
Look how tiny we are against the statues!

Temple Of Luxor

Temple Of Luxor
If these walls could talk, I can just imagine the wonderful stories that would unfold.


Finally....Part 13, the final part of my Egypt trip. As I recall the highlights of the trip, I miss the fun I had with friends and also walking amongst the wonders of Egypt. We had a whale of a time buying little souvenirs along the way. Each and every one of us left Egypt with a Nubian bracelet for sure (some with two or three!) apart from snapping up other goodies. Unbelievable and hard to fathom but yet there I was amidst this real life National Geographic documentary. It was a great journey, I'm thankful that I have had a chance to visit Egypt in this lifetime of mine and with good company to boot too!



Kok said...

Awesome photos. I'm sure you did enjoy yourself a lot there.

J2Kfm said...

such an amazing destination. but ain't the place scorching hot?

Ciki said...

if i ever go, i think i'll use your blog as a guide. You've covered the place well ;)

Christina Kim said...

Yorrr......such amazing and wonderful're such an effective promoter for Egypt tourism ler!:P

Hehehe...part 13 indeed...I also took that long to update on particular trip in my travel blog...hahaha....:D

choi yen said...

The statues really HUGE!!

HairyBerry said...

awaiting your next adventure...

in the meantime, must save money to go egypt already... :D

a feast, everyday said...

Tq for the sharing on ur Egypt trip. I enjoyed every part, 1-13 and every one of the national geographic worthy photos. Truly awesome. U hv made all the 'old rocks' look so glamourous! It wasn't in my list of dream destination but after ur posts, i would jump at it if i get the chance to go.

~Christine~Leng said...

Your pics are all A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Can't stop looking! :)

ilene said...

WMW, thanks so much for all those wonderful pictures of Egypt. Ya, I felt like a trip down National Geography. Is there any particular reason why those mummys are headless or just mere poor maintenance?

So, 'teacher', which destination you showing me next?! hahaha Great trip!

ilene said...

Oh one more thing - how long you took to download all those lovely pictures onto your blog?

wmw said...

kok : Yes I did, lovely memories.

j2kfm : Yes it was scorching hot. At one point I was totally drained and couldn't speak or had appetite to eat!

Cumi&Ciki : Oh, if you ever go there, must have a local guide. It's not safe to go on your own.

Christy : Really? Will check out your blog for that 13 part trip update :o)

mimid3vils : Oh yes! Simply amazing!

Nic : Yes, a place to go to - at least once in our lifetime!

A feast, everyday : Glad the post encouraged you to give Egypt a try one day.

Christine : Thanks for the compliment. Your Glasgow has its own pretty sights too!

Ilene : Headless as there are vandalism too over there. The heads of the statues are usually the first to go...on the wall, a lot of drawings are defaced too. Next destination? Stay tuned, you'll find out soon...I'm off for another trip later this month. It doesn't take me long to download that. I store my pics on Flickr and copy and paste the HTML codes over to my blog post.

coolingstar9 said...

Egypt had so many ancient building.
Your wonderful photos make me have the urgt to visit Egypt.own civilisation.
have a great weekend.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hi! left u an award. pls check on my site.

Hazza said...

Im amazed how you managed to get so many pics of really professional quality. I normally get one in five which are of any good.

wmw said...

Coolingstar9: Hi there! Thanks for dropping by :o)

Terri : Thanks for the award, will hop over and check it out. Sigh, haven't been really blog hopping of late.

Hazza : Keep taking pics...that's what I do, hahaha...