Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joy Cafe, Jalan Riang 11 Happy Garden KL


As I was having dinner with my friends, we mentioned about our lunch at Joy Cafe many months ago (10 months to be exact!) and said that we should make another trip back there again. Coming home, I look through my archives and found Joy Cafe's photos and decided to finally blog about it.

It was after church and the lot of us (in two cars) decided to heed CW's recommendation and try out a new place (new then, it's about 1 year plus by now!) in Happy Garden. Apparently CW was saying the the lady owner, Joyce, used to cook lovely food for the church group gatherings before she finally decided to go into the food business for real together with her husband.

We had a tough time going through the menu selection as they had quite a variety. In the end most of us ended up ordering the Braised Beef Brisket Noodles (RM8.50).

Braised Beef Brisket Noodles
The noodles are handmade by themselves and were al dente; lovely QQ bite to it. The beef brisket was tender to the bite but wasn't that soft and I enjoyed chomping on the white radish cubes too while slurping up the delicious soup.

Nasi Lemak
Joy's Nasi Lemak Special (with chicken rendang and sotong, RM8.50). While the chicken rendang and sotong came across as rather normal to me, I did however like the rice as it was very fragrant and the grains are separated and not mushy. The sambal was quite hot, the way I like it!

Braised Lamb in Hot Wok
Apart from our main meals, we also ordered some side dishes like the Braised Lamb Brisket in Hot Wok (RM15). I love lamb and this was lovely, the lamb had no strong gamey taste to it and the gravy was simply yummy.

Braised Pork Ribs in Hot Wok
For pork ribs lovers, guess this is something that you should order - Braised Pork Ribs in Hot Wok (RM15) with gravy spicier than the Lamb Brisket. I may be a fan of char siew and roast meat but I'm rather picky when it comes to preparation style and I'm not that fond of braised pork (braised lamb, YES!). So, I can't be too subjective about it as I tried one and found it just alright but the rest of the pork lovers said that it was good!

Plain Noodles
One of us ended up just ordering plain noodles (dry style) as we had all these side dishes to go with it. She enjoyed the homemade noodles just like we did with our earlier Beef Brisket. Yup, we gotta go back soon again for the noodles and the lamb brisket :o)

Joy Cafe
540 Jalan Riang 11
Happy Garden
58200 Kuala Lumpur

H/P : 012-2681123
Closed on Mondays, Opens 11am-10pm Tues to Sun

Joke told at dinner table :
Maggi Mee beat up Char Siew Bao and Char Siew Bao decided to seek revenge by getting his friends, the Bao Brothers; Tau Sar Bao, Lin Yoong Bao and Tai Bao to ambush Maggi Mee. However on seeing Spaghetti, all the Baos came out from hiding and started beating up Spaghetti. Char Siew Bao said this to the injured Spaghetti just before he and the Bao Brothers ran away from the scene, "Maggi Mee! Don't think I don't recognize you just because you went to do rebonding!"


kat said...

Hahahahaha.. rebonding!! I still remember those days when I wanted the maggi mee hair style ala Maggie Cheung!!

I was looking at a beauty salon leaflet, not only do they have usual rebonding, there is such a thing called hair reborn!! And it's not a typo! What is the world is that??

I guess it's a good thing I can't see the photos, but just reading Braised Lamb/Pork and Nasi lemak is getting the juices running!!

Kok said...

Of all these, I think I'll love the nasi lemak! It looks too good!

For noodles, anytime I would say, Kolo Mee in Sarawak is the best!!!!:D

Eeeks? Where's Xiu Long Bao? Is it because she's in S'pore now, that's why you didn't mention bout her? hahaha!

CUMI & CIKI said...

the nasi lemak looks fantastic! great find. With regards to the joke... hahahahahaha.. farnee ;D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahaha i heard of that joke b4..

the lamb brisket and the plain noodles is the best combo hor..

J2Kfm said...

LOL. corny joke there. :)

braised pork not sedap meh? howbout pig's trotters? my fav.

jason said...

LOL... rebonding!
The pics were taken using Lumix, right? :p

Precious Pea said...

I forgotten what I wanted to comment cos I couldn't stop laughing over the Maggi Mee joke! Hahahahaha! That was really a good one.

wmw said...

kat : Are you sure reborn is not a typo??? Hahaha....check your email, sent you the pics! ;o)

kok : Yes, I must agree that Kolo Mee is best but since I'm not in Sarawak, no point saying that! Xiu Long Bao is "sister", not part of Bao Brothers, so no mention lo!

cumi&ciki : Hmmm....try out this place and let us know what's your verdict.

Joe : I also heard before but long time was the reverse, Spaghetti first then Maggi Mee was ambushed and it was not rebonding (cos it was unheard of at that time), it was " permed your hair"! Try lah, quite easy to go from Cheras.

j2kfm : Eh, still funny...see Precious Pea? Laugh until forgot what to comment! Hahaha... So, you are a real pork fan :o)

Jason : Yes, back then Lumix. Waiting to get my hands on the 500mm lens!

Precious P : Glad you found it so funny! Read about what the original joke was as explained to Joe cos rebonding was unheard of many moons ago.

Tummythoz said...

Err this Happy Garden is near Sri Petaling or Kuchai Lama?

Katie said...

I especially love that soup - it just looks absolutely delicious.

vkeong said...

errr.. where exactly is Happy Garden ar.. I think I need to google for its location.. LOLed at your joke.

mimid3vils said...

Both braised lamb & pork will goes well with the noodles huh ~~

Christy said...

Hahahaha...I love the re-bonding part too....and like Precious Pea, I totally forgot about what I wanted to say on your post anymore:)
The re-bonding stole the limelight!~

Big Boys Oven said...

wah! looks so beautiful .. . . . they really wet my tongue already, sure need no pampers! lol!

Nic (KHKL) said...

so much much delicious meat! i like!

and how aptly the plain, dry noodle was, eh? to absorb all the yummy gravy from the mutton and beef! yummy!

tigerfish said...

I would have a hard time choosing which one-dish meal to order....but I think I'll give in to the Nasi Lemak! :P

Jun said...

hmm, the first pic of the noodles din look too joyfully appealing, but i trust ur word on the "QQ-ness" of it ;p

New Kid on the Blog said...

we can never find such shop in Penang... sad sad sad....

wmw said...

Tummythoz & vkeong: Uhh...I follow my friend there wor, not sure! :o)

Katie : It IS! hahaha...

mimid3vils : Yes, then order the plain noodles and eat with all those side dishes ;o)

christy : Hahaha...looks like I better not put a joke at the end of my post next time.

bbo : Eh, why suddenly pampers one??? Hehehe....

Nic : Ya lah...that's why gray all gone! ;p

terri@adailyobsession said...

the eating machine has recovered!!

Simon Seow said...

I'll be happy to wallop any braised pork or braise lamb. No prob.

kampungboycitygal said...

hey i realize cafe at jln riang happy garden..all happy related name

Anonymous said...

I have been blog hopping for yonks and tonight I thought I should pay you a visit and wahliao.....BIG MISTAKE!!! Hungry already but where can I get such nice food such as these in UK? :(


wmw said...

Terri: Not really, got caught in the rain and ended up with fever!

Simon : Hmmm...want to see you eat like how you did the other day! You're inspiring! Hahaha...

KBCG : Yes, wonder if they named they kids some happy name too. Then truly HAPPY FAMILY! :o)

Judy : That's why lah...don't want to come back here :o(