Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Here's a chance for me to say,

Though I should say it everyday.
In every season, come what may,
Mom, I love you...Happy Mother's Day!
- wmw

Here you are enjoying your favourite ice cream from IKEA! Heheh....

and also to all the other Mommies out there,
Happy Mother's Day!


ilene said...

Hey, I too love the ice-cream from IKEA!

That's a very interesting way of posting a photo!

WMW, enjoy every precious moment with your mum on this Mother's Day and every other day.

Anonymous said...

LOL -- Does lovely mom know that you have her eating her ice-cream on your blog? Good one! Lovely what i always tell my friends, you are the best child!!

ai wei said...

mother's day is my mum's birthday as well! but we dun have any celebration every year bcz afraid of the crowd out there

tofugirl said...

Just stumbled on your blog recently, but I had to comment on this one--hilarious!! My mom would kill me if I put her on my blog...she doesn't even want her hands on it, haha.

jason said...

Cool mom! Happy Mother's Day to aunty!

wmw said...

Ilene : Hahaha...we should go Ikea next!

Anonymous : Who goes there? Is that you MP?

Ai Wei : Eh, can celebrate 2 in 1. The crowd isn't that bad, eat early.

tofugirl : My mom was okay about this, and was even tickled that I made an animated pic of her. Hahaha....

Jason : Hahaha...Yes, rather times!