Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Swine Porridge ! Selera Jati Petaling Jaya


I have taken these photos for quite some time now but never got around to posting them yet as I could not get the actual name of the place. This Selera Jaya is not the Medan Selera at Jalan Othman but is opposite Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Darker and with lesser stalls, the place here still has a few stalls with certain specialties that draw their own customers.

Selera Jaya PJ

Like the porridge stall I went to. With the recent outbreak of swine flu, I had wondered if business at this stall had decreased since I last went there but when I dropped by the other day, they were still doing brisk business!

Porridge Stall

This stall owner churns out bowls and bowls of porridge and other goodies. It's so swine filled that even I found it a little bit too much for me. Why? I only eat good roast pork and char siew, yes, that's how I like 'em swine meat! What my friends ordered, I could only stare in disbelief - which is heavenly to quite a number of people though, judging by the lot who ordered this....

Potent Pork Soup!

Loaded Pork Soup! The whole works from all parts of the swine (including the blood!). I nearly fainted! Hahaha....

Porridge - Pig's blood

Then came the porridge...Pig's blood again!

Porridge - Chicken and the other works

Chicken me ordered the shredded chicken porridge instead. Came with Yu Tiao (Yau Char Gwai) and I added a part extra that I do eat - crispy fried intestines. The porridge was very smooth and with the added ingredients, was delightful to eat and I could tell why this stall attracts the crowd, "porky or non-porky" ones. Hahaha...

Steamed Chicken

But of course, one can order the steamed chicken here too, for those who are even more chicken than I am in having an encounter with the whole swine. Prices at this stall are pretty reasonable (sorry, I can't seem to recall!).

So, for those who can't be swayed or discouraged by the precautions and warnings from the media and well intentioned friends, go this!

Selera Jati (No name stall, Stall No. 21)
Jalan 1/12 sliproad near to Jalan Othman
(opp. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church)
Petaling Jaya

Pig in other languages

Dutch varken
Italian porco
Finnish sika
Japanese buta
Latvian cuka
Turkish domuz
Morse Code .--. .. --.


terri@adailyobsession said...

looks absolutely YUMMY! who says the present swine flu is spread by pigs?? it's a mutated strain spread among humans!how to live w/o bacon, ham, cha sao, sao rou, pork baos, pork cracklings, pork floss, pork stir fry, nam yu pork, stewed pork, pork dumplings...gosh, i think i'm half pork myself.

worldwindows said...

The chicken looks real good, shiny sheen from the oil, fresh looking and delicious. Eaten in this place many times. Too bad it didn't really take-off.

Sugar Bean said...

Hahaha, swine porridge sounds funny and there're so many languages of pig including the morse code! Haha, so thoughtful. =)

allie said...

The porridge looks so smooth.. my favourite..
Swine flu won't get spread by eating pork as the virus will get kill when temperature reach 70 Deg C.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Haven't had the pig blood for a looong, long time!
For those who love anything piggy, if only pigs could fly, they'd fly straight to your doorstep!!! eat till your heart's content.
Not saying I don't love roast pork and char siu : ))

J2Kfm said...

isnt the nasi lemak we went that day Selera Jaya as well?
heheh ... or maybe it was too dark to notice.

CUMI & CIKI said...

ROFL.. love the title of the post ..! I hvn't given up the swine yet.. how?! :P

Nic (KHKL) said...

ya lor, the piggies were misunderstood..haha! so, now it's called H1N1.

the porridge looks good la. i spotted some fried intestines. the aroma of these crunchies are charging my mind about hard core babitarian, hor? haha!

wmw said...

Terri : Initially...poor misunderstood swine! got me thinking abour bacon and pork cracklings! Yumz! Hahaha....

WorldWindows : So, where is this place actually? I'm still wondering!

Sugar Bean : I guess Pig "speaks" all languages!

Allie : Well, some other folks are still very cautious.

Keats : Hahaha...Pigs would fly away from us!

J2kfm : Yup, same name. Lots of them around, that's why I'm not sure!

Cumi&Ciki : Neither have I, especially when it comes to char siew and siew yoke!

Nic : The crispy intestines is about the only "inside" part that I would eat!

jason said...

Since when you use swine instead of pork? Hahaha :P

kampungboycitygal said...

i'm just glad that swine is safe to be consumed..cant do without my pork!

kampungboycitygal said...

i'm just glad that we are still having our daily dose of swine.stay healthy!

UnkaLeong said...

*tugs ugwugs shirt* I need direction's to this place! If coming from assunta roundabout. Turn left = bus station..Which general direction it this?

Anonymous said...

Easy only...i went there but too bad only open business 4pm plus plus...
After turn left is bus station ma..
then go straight after the Church on your right. Then make a U-TURN,
then turn left just after the Church.Then look for NO.17 stall. or u ask around ...

New Kid on the Blog said...

Oh uh... I missed this!!! :(

wmw said...

Jason : Since "swine" seems to be THE word of late! :p

KBCG : Nothing to fear but fear itself! Hahaha...

Unkaleong : I believe Anonymous' comment helped? Except that it's stall 21, not 17. Look for 19. Stall 21 itself has no name nor number!

Anonymous : Thanks a lot!

NKOTB : Don't have this is Penang? If not, come to PJ ;o)