Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New Additions - California Pizza Kitchen, Suria KLCC

I have always enjoyed food at California Pizza Kitchen and it's one of the restaurants I don't mind eating at whenever I'm in KLCC. I have previously written a blog post on California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) for (not for my blog though) when they had a new lineup to their menu. Two years later, CPK has yet again added more items and I was invited for the launch of their new menu along with other bloggers.

This time around, we had the pleasure of having Shentley Tan, Director of Operations of Golden Pillars (S) Pte Ltd, to personally introduced each of the items as they were served. CPK constantly comes up with a creative menu line up and I suppose this is due to the fact that it has to cater to "international" taste buds as not only does it have more than 260 outlets across the states of America but is also located in 10 other countries like China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and the latest addition to CPK's family - India.

Moroccan Salad
Moroccan Chicken Salad Full portion: RM32.00, Half: 26.00
Moroccan-spiced chicken breast with crisp Romaine lettuce, roasted butternut squash, dates, fresh avocado, toasted almonds, fresh beets, chopped egg, carrots, dried cranberries & red bell peppers. Tossed with Honey-Dijon vinaigrette.
I thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing salad that has so much of goodness in it.

Sonora Egg Rolls
Sonora Egg Rolls RM25.00 - Grilled lime chicken, roasted corn black bean salsa, Cheddar & Monterey Jack cheeses, fire-roasted mild chilies, green onions and cilantro, handwrapped in a crispy wonton roll. Served with tomatillo salsa ranchito sauce.
This tasted average to me. I was expecting this to be exploding with the richness of the cheeses but somehow the taste was mild to me.

Ginger Salmon

Wok stirred vegetables
Ginger Salmon RM43.50 - Pan-sauteed Norwegian Atlantic salmon topped with chopped fresh cilantro, green onions and a sweet ginger sauce, served with wok-stirred mixed vegetables.
I tried a bit of the salmon but can't give an opinion as I'm not a "fish" fan but I can say that I enjoyed the vegetables on the side though.

Creamy Pesto Penne with Chicken & Prawns
Pesto Cream Penne With Chicken RM33, With Shrimp RM36, Both RM39 - Basil pine nut pesto cream sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese.
I'm not a fan of tomato based sauce and is more keen towards aglio olio (garlic & olive oil) style or cream based pasta. I liked CPK's al-dente Pesto Cream Penne which was flavourful but yet not too rich or creamy.

Meat Cravers Pizza
The Meat Cravers Pizza RM38 - A combination of sweet Italian sausage, pepperoni, turkey bacon, spicy salami, julienne salami, Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.
I found the taste rather common and this took 3rd placing out of the three new pizzas introduced.

Cheese Burger Pizza
Cheeseburger Pizza RM38 Add turkey bacon RM4, fresh avocado RM6 - Ground beef, caramelized sweet onions, Mozzarella and American cheeses, hearth-baked, then topped with fresh tomatoes and chilled shredded lettuce tossed in CPK's secret sauce.

Cheese Burger Pizza
Big Mac lovers take note - This is like a pizza version of Big Mac. You can say that it's a flattened Big Mac, hahaha. They got the taste spot on, down to the shredded lettuce and that "secret" sauce. Big yumminess in this pizza alright! The avocado slices gives it a creamier feel. 2nd Place!

Pesto Chicken Pizza
Pesto Chicken Pizza RM31 - Thin crust with grilled chicken breast marinated in a basil pesto sauce with mild onions, Mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto sauce, toasted pine nuts and topped with fresh basil.

Pesto Chicken Pizza
This is my favourite of the three. Definitely something unique in its taste for a pizza. I love this thin crust pizza that packs so much flavour. Pesto Chicken Pizza takes 1st place!

The other new items that CPK has are the Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad Sandwich and Tuscan White Bean Minestrone Soup. But of course, though not new, I just have to post the pics of CPK's desserts again. My favourite is the moist Red Velvet but actually, the desserts are pretty good here. They're imported directly from USA itself and this means it's SWEET! But somehow each mouthful of the dessert keeps one going back for another bite of it ... again and again till there's none left on the plate. Yes, sweet as it is, this is a strange occurrence that happens all the time *cue theme from Twilight Zone*... hehehe.....

Red Velvet

The gorgeous Red Velvet

The inviting Tiramisu

Hot Fudge Brownie
The hot Hot Fudge Brownie served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce!

The portions at CPK are huge and two can share a main (same goes for the desserts). By the way CPK is running a Buka Puasa Promotion.
Set Menu for 2 persons @ RM45++ includes choice of 1 half size salad & 1 pizza/pasta
Set Menu for 4 persons @ RM85++ includes choice of 1 full size salad & 2 pizzas/pastas
Set Menu for 6 persons @ RM120++ includes choice of 1 full size salad & 3 pizzas/pastas.

California Pizza Kitchen
Suria KLCC
Lot 140 Level 1
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Tel: 03-2382 0512

Call 1300-886-886 for CPK's delivery service.


jason said...

*Tummy growling*

ai wei said...

me too... growwwwwwwl...

Life for Beginners said...

Man, now I got a craving for a pizza... :P

taufulou said...

jus love their food eh`

Tummy Rumble said...

i haven't been to klcc for at least 2 years now... hahah.. no reason to go there now that pavilion is open.. somehow their food looks quite good..

boo_licious said...

Sigh, now I don't go to KLCC so often and they introduce new stuff that I want to try. It looks good and I nvr knew CPK had red velvet.

wmw said...

Jason : Go eat!

ai wei : Go eat with Jason...hahaha...

LFB : Cheeseburger pizza or Pesto Chicken?

taufulou : Not all...but certain things on the menu.

Tummy Rumble : Good and big portions!

boo_licious : Red Velvet cake is good. Big slice, more expensive than usual but great stuff. More over, it's imported.

Katie said...

I've never had a pizza that comes with lettuce, but it's a great idea! The lettuce would cut through some of the *ahem* grease. And that red velvet cake looks so moist and delicious - but I think I'd choose the brownie, because you just can't say no to a brownie!

wmw said...

Katie : Yes, vege is good for us! Hahaha...

UnkaLeong said...

I love the Moroccan salad, managed to sample it when me and my colleagues decided to pop on over to KLCC for lunch.

Cynthia said...

Love the new look of the blog and that red velvet cake is gorgeous!

wmw said...

Unka : Yeah, it's a refreshing goodness.

Cynthia : Hey there! Thanks for dropping by. Glad you like the new look :0)