Monday, September 27, 2010

Life is Great & It Keeps Getting Better - Continuation

It's Monday .... now that we are kinda back in the swing of things from all that celebration, chances are some of us are probably feeling pretty bummed out as we sit in the office.  Maybe all one needs to be happy on a Monday is to look for a reason to be?  Hahaha....Life goes on ... and yes, it keeps getting better.  So for those having the Monday Blues, it'll be Tuesday in no time :o)

Here's more pics to thank the gracious host/hostesses for all the great invites into their homes and for the warm hospitality extended ... (Once again, my apologies to those that I did not cover here and in the past as some photos are missing and I might not have taken any photos in the first place).  Well, after this - it's back to work.  Thanks for dropping by and here's wishing you a productive week ahead.

Glorious Jade & hubby's Lamb
A big THANK YOU to the WONGs for I have quite a number of sumptuous meals in your abode.  I always enjoy the delicious meals lovingly prepared - steaks, lamb rack, roast pork!  My wish for you all is that there will always be an abundance of  good things (which includes good food of course!).

Betty's Sarawak Laksa

Next is BETTY who cooks for the bunch of us whenever she's here visiting her daughter - much to our delight.  Being a true Sarawakian, she makes sure that she dishes out her famous Sarawak Laksa each and every time we're invited for dinner.  I also love eating the steamed black pepper char siew pau that she does with the pepper that she brings over from Kuching herself.   A retiree who conducts cooking classes back home,  one can truly count on Betty for a truly satisfying meal!  And of course, thanks to Sarah and GH for having us over  (kinda like an annual dinner event!).

Betty's cookies and kuih
Oh! To top it off, Betty makes cookies and local kuihs too!  Bliss ... :o)

Mah's Nasi Lemak
Last but not least, Sister Mah... an old church friend of mine.  She too has cooked many meals for me; blessed me indeed.  I just love her nasi lemak and what gives it an extra "oomph" is the sambal "heh bee" (dried shrimp).  It is really, really good (look at that lovely spoonful of it).  I really can't get enough of the sambal and together with the fragrant rice and the other condiments - this is really two thumbs up!  She does nasi lemak catering as and when she has time.  So for anyone who is interested to find out more, write me and I'll give you the contact.


Kenny Mah said...

That's certainly a lot of good fun, and many blessings to be counted in friends and fellowship. :)

J said...

Those bird shaped cookies are adorable!! :)

jason said...

I can see the nasi lemak is really good!

iamthewitch said...

You're so lucky to have been showered with food! :)

wmw said...

LFB : Yes...and it goes on and on!

J : And tasty too :o)

Jason : Yeah, wondering when she will cook it again, hehehe....I told her, she said call you along next time!

iamthewitch : Blessed indeed

Ciki said...

lovely ..! you make me wanna GO! :D(reminds me of day out with Kenny mah!) great food hor.. and such a cool place with old ambiance.. love it!