Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Charismatic Canada! Part Three

Let's do some sightseeing today - here are some pics while we were moving around in Ontario. Did I tell you that I love Canada, especially Quebec. :o) Each time I post up my travel pics, I feel like packing my bags and flying back to Canada (somewhere, anywhere...hmmm).

Casa Loma
Casa Loma locked!?

Casa Loma
Another entrance led us to this castle...it's odd as Casa Loma's located in the center of the city, I mean, not often one builds a castle smack in the center of city.

Lovely Sky @ Casa Loma
Read more about Sir Henry Pellatt's dream turned reality HERE. Built betwen 1911-1914, Casa Loma changed hands several times before the city turned it into a tourist attaction. I was amazed to learn that Casa Loma has 98 rooms and 30 bathrooms! I wonder how it was like when Sir Henry threw a party...

What's that?
What's this?

Rogers Center
It came from the sculpture bursting out of the "window" from Rogers Center:o). The center is an entertainment hub, hosting all sorts of events. Read about its history HERE.

Art Gallery of Ontario
Art Gallery of Ontario- one end of it, love the curves...more on this later. Meanwhile, read more about it HERE.

Ontario College of Art & Design
More artsy stuff...Here's the Ontario College of Arts & Design. Giant colour pencils hold up what looks like "black and white pixels" structure. It's awe-spiring! Check out the artsy stuff on OCAD website.

Police Station
Hmmm...well toned legs :o). A police station in Toronto with big Chinese characters at the entrance (Mom says that it's Police Station, is it?)

Village Idiot Pub!
And then let's end the post with a pic of a pub (located opposite Art Gallery of Ontario) ... Village Idiot Pub! L'idiot du Village! hmmmm....I'm not sure whether I want to be seen in such a pub with a name like that. Hahaha....

To be continued...


Unknown said...

I've visited Casa Loma, it's beautiful inside!

jason said...

Hahahaha Idiot Pub!

wmw said...

Babe_KL : Canada is beautiful!

Jason : Heheh...don't want to drink there, hor?