Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weng Kee & Thoo Yuen @ Taman Selera Old Town, Petaling Jaya

Weng Kee Drink Stall
Actually, this post is a continuation from Pu Yuan as we headed to Taman Selera Old Town for desserts! It was another warm night and what a better way to end the night with something nice and cold? Well, that was initially our intention :o) (read on....). Arriving at around 8pm, the place was quite crowded and we were glad to find a place to sit near Weng Kee Drink Stall (look out for Stall No. 46).

Jason's favourite dessert is Ice Kacang, I suggested this place since it will be the first visit for Jason and Nivlac. Weng Kee has been around for some decades and is well known for their Ice Kacang. They do serve other variety of drinks but I only order their Ice Kacang each time I'm here though I've told myself countless time that I should try other drinks.

Ice Kacang (Ice Dessert)

The ice is really fine and melts almost immediately when it's in your mouth (but this means that it melts as easily too in the bowl especially during the warm weather). I feel that because of the fine texture, the syrup/brown sugar/evaporated milk gets soaked into each and every tiny fine ice flake ... hence making this Ice Kacang so flavourful and great. Of course, there's the usual accompaniments; red beans, corn, grass jelly (cincau), cendol, peanut too (sorry, I tucked in eagerly right after I took this and forgot to take a photo of what's in it!). At Weng Kee, you can have a choice of brown sugar or syrup or a mixture of both, adding the evaporated milk to top it all off. I think I'm beginning to love Ice Kacang as much as Jason does :p

Though next to Weng Kee is the well known Thong Kee stall that serves up tasty noodles, we were too full for that but looked for something lighter....and here is when we made an extra food "pit stop".
Thoo Yuen Satay Stall
I love the mutton satay from Thoo Yuen (Stall No. 36) and told the guys about it and since Nivlac likes pork, we decided to order a bit of both! hehehe....

Pork & Mutton Satay

I'm not much of a pork satay fan as I prefer pork dishes like roast pork or char siew instead. I much prefer the mutton satay (RM1/stick) for sure. Tender, moist and with the burnt bits, the mutton satay was cooked perfectly and spot on juicy! Nivlac and Jason said the pork satay was pretty good but agreed that the mutton satay was better (and Nivlac doesn't really like mutton!). The satay gravy was average fare...the goodness comes from the meat ;o). Hmmm...mutton satay, when will I see you again? Hmmm....this got me thinking about Sen Kee's Duck Satay too ...

Taman Selera
Jalan Othman
Petaling Jaya
(most stalls closes at 9.30)

After dinner sit a while, and after supper walk a mile. ~ English Saying


boo_licious said...

I love the ais kacang here! Now I'm craving for that icy bowl. Oooh, must give the satay a try too. Thxs for the tip. Too bad we didn't manage to catch up when Ivy was back.

jason said...

Ooo yes, the ais kacang here is top notch! Kinda difficult to find one with such fine shaved ice textures. :D Thanks for bringing us there!

choi yen said...

Nowadays really hard to get a good satay, this look glistering, good stuff!

wmw said...

Boo : Yah...catch up some other time.

Jason : You're most welcome.

Choi Yen : Hmmm...don't take my word about the mutton satay. Try it and let me know :o)

Caca said...

my regular place for ABC and chicken rice.