Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot Dogs For Breakfast! Toronto, Canada

As mentioned from my previous post on Canada, we got to try the hot dogs for breakfast in Toronto. There are several mobile hot dog vendors (3 of them) within walking distance from Sheraton Centre and City Hall. Ahh...The Original Bavarian Bratwurst Wagon Co.

The Original Bavarian Bratwurst Wagon Co.

Article Displayed on Truck


Free Toppings!


You just gotta have the experience!

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Jessica said...

Hi ugwug, a tad off-topic, but I'm spreading the word to all foodies & animal lovers about this restaurant that is inhumane towards a cat :

wmw said...

Jessica : Haven't heard from you for quite a and left a comment on your post. Such awful behaviour!

Hazza said...

I think I saw that van last summer on Front street. Didnt try their wares though...

wmw said...

Hazza : Hmmm...will you? You'll probably whipped up some of your own since you cook!