Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights, NOW @ One Mont Kiara!


Yay! One of my fave Korean eateries is now nearer to me.  Ko Hyang opened recently in One Mont Kiara and I've been going there pretty regularly since it's near to my office.  I've blogged on Ko Hyang at The Gardens, Mid Valley City before, read about it HERE.

By now, most folks are aware of this well known simple Korean food eatery but there's one thing I concluded from eating at Ko Hyang, One Mont Kiara.  Can you handle the truth??? Hahaha...Come closer to the monitor screen now.... Okay, ready? Wait, will I regret telling you folks this? Will I find myself waiting for a vacant table after this?  Will the quality be compromised when it starts getting crowded? Okay, goes.

While Ko Hyang @ The Gardens already dishes out delicious Korean delights, Ko Hyang @ One Mont Kiara does it EVEN BETTER; both in terms of taste and presentation.  (You can do some comparison by clicking on my previous post to check out the photos there with the ones posted here - these recent ones were taken with my Sony Ericsson phone though).  I haven't tried the other locations at Sunway Pyramid and Fahrenheit  88, I wonder how they fare.

I usually have either Kimchi Fried Rice, Jap Chae or Dolsot Bim Bim Bab. Remember that I said that it's better here at One Mont Kiara in terms of presentation too? Check out these photos and the ones on Ko Hyang's website...The presentation is almost the same as the pictures on the menu, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), unlike The Gardens.

Dol Sot Bim Bim Bap
Did you look at the pics from their website? See what I mean? This is the Dol Sot Bim Bim Bab-Stone Pot Rice with mixed vegetables, chili paste and your choice of beef or chicken.

Jap Chae
Jap Che - look at the garnishing.  Notice the julienned omelette? They actually separate the egg white from the yolk (just like the pic on the menu), thus adding even more colours to this delicious stir fried sweet potato noodles with vegetables.  Again, you can have a choice of beef or chicken (it's always beef for me!).  This noodles are fragrant and not oily.

Pa Jeon (Seafood Pancake)
I love the Pa Jeon here, this seafood pancake with spring onions and squid is usually a must order for me.  Ask them to pan fry it a bit longer, it's tastier with burnt bits, making it crispier.  That's the way I like it!

Ban Chan (side dishes)
One still gets the usual Banchan (side dishes), and yes, Ko Hyang's Kim Chi still rocks!  I really love Ko Hyang's spicier version and it's just so addictive.  For your info, they do sell the Kim Chi in a 250g container for RM5.

Note : Ko Hyang's outlet in One Mont Kiara has a dinner promotion on till June 30, 2011.  They are giving a 10% discount on orders of RM30 & above and 15% for orders RM50 & above.  As for lunch deals, main meals comes with a free drink.

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights
One Mont Kiara, Unit L1-21 (Level 1)
No. 1, Jalan Kiara
Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Korean proverb
남의 떡이 커 보인다
Others` ddeok (rice cake) looks big.
"The grass is greener on the other side of the fence"


ai wei said...

jap che is looking good and healthy. nex time gotta have it :) hehe, i will come fighting for seats from you. :P

choi yen said...

They have outlet at Fahrenheit 88 too :)

J said...

Some of my guy friends know Ko Hyang as "the korean place downstairs in Gardens Midvalley with the very pretty girl". *sigh*

wmw said...

Ai Wei : No need to fight....we bum take 2/3 of it, you take 1/3, hehehe...

Choi Yen : Yah...good news!

J : Hahaha...yes, Hee Jung is her name! Is that the only reason they eat there? Not because the food is nice? Hahaha...

J said...

I dunno - I didn't ask them because I was too busy rolling my eyes. LOL
(Aiya. To be fair: Us girls do it too, right? :) I remember telling my friends once that Daorae is the place in Hartamas with the handsome restaurant manager!)