Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Midsummer Nights Feast 2011 - Master Chefs Of The Five Elements, Starhill Gallery

Yes, it's that time of the year again! Starhill Gallery's annual Midsummer Nights Feast in Feast Village will be on from 1-8 July 2011, presenting the Master Chefs of the Five Elements, namely Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space.

EARTH -“Tribute to Mother Earth” by 3-Star Michelin Chef Benoit Vidal from France

WATER - “Land of Ominiscient Waters” will feature 2-Star Michelin 
Chef Moshik Roth from the Netherlands
“It‟s not always about luxury and exclusive products, but rather the combination of fresh tasty products – that's the basis of good food.”
“Cooking is more than behind the stove. It runs on ideas with experimenting and daring.
And those ideas come at the strangest moments.
It always comes suddenly …. in places you would not expect ...”

AIR - “A Breath of Fresh Mountain Air” will be masterminded by
Chef Manabu Ogawa from Pirka signature restaurant in Hilton Niseko Village, Japan

FIRE - “Celebration of Culinary Passion” will showcase the creations
of Master Chef Jason Koppinger, Certified Executive Chef from the United States
“I never forget to attribute much of my culinary skills to spending so much time with my grandmother, mother and aunts in the kitchen. Cooking was always the center of every family gathering … not with just small pots and pans but … cauldrons and huge vessels that could feed 40 – 50 people at a time!”
“In professional cooking … I believe that every one in the team should have an understanding what we are setting out to achieve. The Chef‟s vision and what he expects his diners to have, taste and experience must be communicated to everyone from the stewards to the Chef de cuisine.”
“Last but not least, fresh ingredients will yield a fantastic result.”

SPACE - “Inspired Interpretations of Space” will delight diners with creations
of YTL Corporate Executive Chef Wai
“I love to watch how other chefs use ingredients I've never seen, smelled or touched before,”
This is the way I can learn many new things”

*All Master Chefs' photos courtesy of Starhill Gallery

Eight exciting nights of culinary authenticity are now available for booking and is limited to 130 seats per night at RM385 nett per person and RM50,000 nett for corporate bookings.  For further enquiries and reservations, do call +603-2782 3855.

As part of the "Joy to the World Community Services", Midsummer Nights Feast will also host fun-filled culinary and food activities for under privileged children from the “House of Joy”, founded by Reverend and Mrs Tang Chee Sing - a special initiative by Mr Joseph Yeoh, Vice President of YTL Hotels & Resorts and YTL Land Sdn Bhd.

To Be Continued ... More highlights from Midsummer Nights Feast Press Conference and food galore from the 12 participating restaurants from Feast Village!

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