Monday, June 27, 2011

Opening Soon - Royale Vietnam, Starhill

Here's the first of several  highlights on the other participating restaurants from the Press Conference of Starhill's Midsummer Nights Feast 2011 - Master Chefs of Elements.

Royale Vietnam is due to open its doors soon come this end June and folks will be pleased to know that there will be yet another place for some great tasting Vietnamese food.  Check out the pics ... and then check out the restaurant itself! Happy Monday everyone :o)

Pho Bowl Of Goodness
I like the pho that was served, tender beef slices and beef balls in clear tasty broth.

Rolling Goi Cuon
The Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Rolls) were rolled and served on the spot for us to sample.

Fresh Spring Rolls - Goi Cuon
Obviously, the Goi Cuon were as fresh as they can get.  But the dip with shredded carrots and ground peanuts was really delicious and added points to these fresh spring rolls.

Deep Fried Spring Rolls
Cute display of Deep Fried Spring Rolls - these little rolls were BIG in taste.  Crisp on the outside and meaty on the inside, these little fellas were aromatic and packed a punch.  So good that you can eat it on its own (without the chilli dip).

"Peacock" Display
Such intricate work of's a "peacock" proudly displaying ....

Egg Rolls
Lovely looking "fan" of sliced egg rolls - made with fish paste and salted egg yolk.

Vietnamese Chef Photographer!
Well, this isn't a food shot but I was amused by this Vietnamese chef who also seems to be an avid photographer :o)

To be continued ... more food from Feast Village, Starhill


jason said...

Beautiful peacock art!

wmw said...

Yes, and the fried rolls were really good!