Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Au Petit Coin Breton, Quebec

Coming back from Switzerland, I couldn't help but reminisce about my days in Quebec...and believe it or not, I'm still not done with Canada! I better play catch up soon as I have several countries to blog on...Canada, Taiwan, Melbourne, Phuket and now Switzerland (not to mention my domestic trips)! Life is great and life itself is a reason to celebrate.  I thank God for his continued blessings! :o)

While I was traveling in Canada, we made it a point to try out crepes whenever we can.  After somewhat of a letdown at the (in)famous Casse-Crepe Breton, we decided to take on another rather well known place for crepes; Au Petit Coin Breton. The waitresses here wear traditional dress, white apron and even the head dress.

Au Petit Coin Breton

Au Petit Coin Breton

Au Petit Coin Breton
The interior itself is spacious with sky light and makes for quite a lovely ambiance for dining with warm shade of deco.  This being said, the prices here are higher than Casse of course.

Au Petit Coin Breton

Au Petit Coin Breton
The open kitchen area

Onion Soup Au Gratin
The Onion Soup Au Gratin ($7.25) was simply delicious and with the lovely soft buns, this was a meal itself (a light meal for big eaters, I suppose!)

Gratin with Asparagus
Gratin with Asparagus ($13) with Bechamel sauce was served with rice and small salad on the side(you can opt for fries).  Luckily, each of us tuck into this, dividing the richness of it...I didn't take a pic of what's underneath, but it was a generous serving of asparagus! Great for sharing ...

Cheese with ham crepe
We ordered the savoury Ham and Cheese Crepe combo ($11.50), opting of Buckwheat batter.  The cheese was rich and the buckwheat gave this savoury dish a different spin and I enjoyed this simple crepe.

What was even simpler was the Sugar Crepe ($4.20)
Simple Sugar Crepe (Sucre)
Of course, this came with the usual sweet batter and was delightful!

Crepe with Fresh Strawberries (with blueberries & ice cream)
Crepe with fresh strawberries came with blueberries too, complete with a scoop of ice cream...it looks delicious and was heavenly.  A bite into this mixture of the fruit juices and ice cream prompted a non-stop "assault" till it was all gone :o) 

Au Petit Coin Breton

It was an overall lovely dining experience at Au Petit Coin Breton.  However, we still went around looking for more crepes at new places, that's another post though ...

Au Petit Coin Breton
2600 Boul. Laurier
Tel : 418 653 6051

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