Friday, April 20, 2012

Pretty Cupcakes & Such @ Les Glaceurs, Montreal

We found Les Glaceurs when we needed a place to keep dry as it started raining. Upon entering, the bright colours of the place hit us and perked our mood up immediately and it was only then we noticed that it was a cupcake & gelato parlour (we had ducked into the place without looking).

Les Glaceurs

We ended up ordering a few cupcakes and chilling over a few cups of coffee.  They do provide a sitting area for customers to enjoy their goodies and were glad we discovered this place by chance.

Cupcakes @ Les Glaceurs

Cupcakes @ Les Glaceurs

Cupcakes @ Les Glaceurs

Cupcakes & Macarons @ Les Glaceurs

Macarons @ Les Glaceurs
There're macarons too ....

Cupcakes @ Les Glaceurs
It was only when we were on the inside that I noticed the lovely wonderful cupcakes on display....

Red Velvet, Les Glaceurs
Red Velvet ...

Red Velvet, Les Glaceurs
Moist and lovely .... tasted of berries.

Les Glaceurs

A delightful cupcake coffee break in wondeful Old Montreal ....

"Coffee makes it possible to get out of bed.
Cupcakes make it worthwhile"
- Unknown

Les Glaceurs
453 Rue St Sulpice (click HERE for map)
Montreal, QC H2Y
Tel :( 514)504-1469

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WokandSpoon said...

Very pretty indeed!!

D Liche said...

Drool...Love cupcakes :)