Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Media Preview : Cyril's Family Vacation on AXN

When I received an invitation to a media preview of Cyril's Family Vacation series, I was delighted. Firstly, Cyril is one of my favourite illusionist.  I remember watching the YouTube video of Cyril's illusion with the Lacoste crocodile logo.

Take a look at the video that first made me a fan of Cyril.

So it was a rather sweet moment for me to be able to meet him in person.  Well, sort of in person :o).  Cyril is back in a new 6 half hour episode edition of Cyril's Family Vacation with has a magical storytelling approach showcasing not only Cyril's magic but also his "family members"; Grandma Magi, Uncle Richard and Cousin Tiny.  These characters are in fact Cyril himself (he has donned disguises before in his previous acts).  The show will be using hidden cameras to catch the unsuspecting "magic" assistants' reactions.  Candid reactions are always best and are sure to make us laugh like I did when I saw the sneak preview.

Serena C
Serena C, looking as Hawaiian as she can be. Cute!

Serena C was the emcee for that day and after a short intro, she introduced Gregory Ho (Vice President, Marketing & Head of Communications Network, Asia) from Sony Pictures Television.  We then anticipated the arrival of Cyril when Gregory's mobile rang.  It was Cyril saying that he was extremely sorry that he couldn't be there in person as he had to fly back to Japan immediately to tend to an urgent matter.

Mr Gregory Ho - Sony Pictures Television
Mr Gregory Ho putting Cyril on speaker as he apologised to us for not turning up (or so it seems...)

However, Grandma Magi will be there instead to tend to the media.  Shortly after, Cyril, disguised as Grandma Magi appeared and amused us as she made her way into the room and flirted with a few young men sitting in the crowd.

"Grandma Magi" Cyril

Serena C and Grandma Magi sat down for an interview that was peppered with little magic acts which surprised both Serena C and the media.  We loved the young at heart antics of Grandma Magi throughout the interview and as the interview ended, Grandma Magi sportingly posed for the media and told us to remember to watch Cyril's show.

Serena C interviewing "Grandma Magi" Cyril

"Grandma Magi" Cyril having tea with Serena C
"Look! No hands, Serena" ... Grandma Magi does a floating cup and saucer trick.

"Grandma Magi" Cyril in action
This is what happened after Grandma Magi snacked on some colourful flowers!

"Grandma Magi" Cyril
Grandma Magi telling us to catch her grandson's "HOT" show on AXN.  She's still old school, hence the videotape :o)

"Grandma Magi" Cyril
Grandma Magi posing for the photographers ...

We later had a press conference where the media fielded questions.  It was quite tricky as some of the questions were directed to Cyril (not at Grandma Magi) at times but since he had to keep in character, Cyril answered the questions in his capacity as "Grandma Magi" brilliantly, never faltering at any one moment.  At the end of the press conference, I pluck up the courage to be the first to ask Grandma Magi for her autograph.  

"Grandma Magi" Cyril's autograph for EW
Ethan waiting for his autographed playing cards from "Grandma Magi" Cyril

Cyril's Autograph
Mine ...

Cyril's Family Vacation will debut on AXN and AXN HD (Astro Channel on 701 and 721 respectively) on June 7 with the Hawaii Edition first where Cyril and his family will be enjoying their vacation with some magic in the tropical paradise of Oahu,Hawaii. Subsequent episodes will air every Thursday at 9pm.  

AXN Cyril's Family Vacation - Hawaii Edition

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