Thursday, August 16, 2012

Travel News : Renew Malaysian Passport Online

Being a partial travel blog, I felt that I should blog on my most recent experience when I renewed my Malaysian Passport online.  Some bloggers have already written on this as this isn't something new.  It's just that it's still quite unknown and an online feature that is rarely utilized.  I am so impressed with the whole process till I wanna write about it myself and would like to encourage more people to renew their passports online.  This is based on my experience with the online system and the steps I went through. The steps might be different according to each applicant (especially if certain terms and conditions are not met).

1) Get a passport photo taken at the studio or by a friend, you would need a softcopy of your photo.  If you have a hardcopy, then you will have to scan it to convert it to a .jpeg file for uploading.  Click HERE to make sure you meet the photo requirements and the terms & conditions from Immigration Department Of Malaysia (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia).  Here's a screenshot of it...

Please read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly as they also state that not only will your application be rejected but payment made might not be returned if not adhered to! If all is okay, scroll to the end of it, and click on "Agree".   It will take you to the next step

2) Choose your Application Category and then enter your existing (expiring or expired) passport number and Identity Card number and then click "Search" on the right.

Note : If your passport expiry date is not due for one year and more, you will not be able to proceed further.

3) You will then be taken to the next screen (no more screenshots from here onwards), and you should see a square box on top where you need to upload your passport photo and all your details automatically filled (based on your earlier passport and IC number given during the search).  Choose whether you would like to renew for 2 years (RM100) or 5 Years (RM300).  You are also required to fill in your phone number whereas email address is optional.

4) Upload your passport photo.  If accepted, you are given the option to crop your photo before you proceed further. If not accepted, it will prompt you to let you know that the photo doesn't meet the requirements. After that you will be asked several questions which you would have to tick against, questions pertaining to the photo requirement e.g looking directly into camera, hair does not cover face etc. etc.

5) Pick where you would like to collect your passport from (I chose Glomac Kelana Jaya).

5)  Check that all your details are correct and then click on mode of payment.  Payment can be made online by using direct debit facilities (FPX) or credit card.  However, please note at the time of writing, payments via FPX is disabled for maintenance until further notice.

6) Once payment is made accordingly, it will show you that the transaction is successful and that you are applicant number...(number 1 in Glomac Kelana Jaya in my case!!!).  Click on Print Receipt.  It is important that you do have a printout of the receipt.  The receipt will state the collection date and time, so take note. I had applied online at 11.40pm on Wednesday 14 August and the receipt stated collection date, 15 August, 9.30am - 4.30pm! Wow! Now you know why I'm impressed! :o).  All in all, it took me about 10 minutes to complete this online process.

So, off I went to Glomac Kelana Jaya yesterday (15 August) at around 3.20pm.  I went up to the information counter on my left as I stepped into the immigration office. Showed the nice elderly man my receipt and was asked to go directly to Counter 1.  However, I will have to get a photocopy of my IC before I can collect my new passport.  Fortunately, it's just a few steps away at the other corner on my right.  Got it done and paid RM0.40 for a copy of my IC (front and back on the same page).  So, now for those who read it here, have a photocopy of your IC beforehand if you want to be fully prepared.

With that, I walked up to Counter 1, with the following documents in hand :-

1) Existing (expired or expiring) Passport
2) A copy of the printed receipt
3) A copy of your IC (front and back on the same page).  Note : This was not stated in the website.

You will be asked to show your actual IC for further verification.  They will also scan your thumbprint too.  Before they give you your new passport, you are required to hand your "old" passport over.  They will make a "V" cut on the cover to void it and hand it back to you together with your new passport.

My whole experience at the Immigration Department of Malaysia at Glomac, Kelana Jaya? A mere 5 minutes. Surely a record! Maybe it was a blessing! (Their website states that it might take up to 2 hours depending on collection centre, date and time).  That was all it took from the moment I stepped in, a stop at the Information Counter, photocopied my IC, proceeded to Counter 1 and walked out with my new passport.  I couldn't believe how quick and hassle free it was.  Those days of waiting long hours (well, at least 2 hours or so) at the immigration office are over ... unbelievable.  I was sceptical but having gone through the whole online passport renewal and collection process myself, I am now a believer! :o)  Obviously not many people use this method since I was online applicant number 1! It was a breeze ... try it! Happy holidays!

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C said...

ha! that is amazing! sadly that's only for people still in the country. i renewed mine at the high comm here in wellington and it took 3 months! don't think i'll be able to utilise the online one - will be the high comm for renewal again

Anonymous said...

Just want to there any time frame from renew passport to travelling time. e.g. if I'm travelling on march and I just want to renew my passport now (in Feb), will be any issue?

wmw said...

Anonymous : Shouldn't be an issue.

Anonymous said...


I've just submitted my online application for passport renewal, I chose Kuala Lumpur as my collection branch. But I search in the internet there are two branches in KL (Pudu & Jln Duta). May I ask that where can I check the exact collection branch?

wmw said...

Anonymous, you must pick a collection center when you applied online... If you can't recall, the collection center is stated on the receipt that you printed when you paid online. If you haven’t printed the receipt, please do so, as you need it to collect your new passport.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your prompt reply. I chose Kuala Lumpur branch. The receipt said "please collect your passport at Kuala Lumpur on xx/03/2013". I don't know which one the Kuala Lumpur referring to (Pudu or Duta?)
The pejabat terimaan on the receipt means what? The place where I shld collect my passport? It said putrajaya

wmw said...

Anonymous, I think you should call up and ask. Because in my case, it was clearly stated that I will need to go to Glomac to pick up my passport. Look for a number perhaps if not from the receipt, from the website itself and see if someone from the Immigration can help you out. All the best!

synical said...

Nice blog post. Unfortunately (as of late April 2013), they've been upgrading things (until who knows when) so the online and kiosk options were not made available. Just my luck.