Thursday, June 14, 2007

Marvelous Malacca - Part 2

Trying to meet the request of my flogger sista, Precious Pea, I'm continuing with Part 2 in my Malacca series. She wants me to finish posting before she makes a trip to Malacca this month end so that she can take notes and be prepared.

For teatime, we decided to look for Nadeje as they are the originator of the Mille Crepe. Us Klang Valley folks have been enjoying Food Foundry's version in Section 17, Petaling Jaya all this while. Nadeje's version is more fluffy and less creamy, which I prefer. However, some still prefer Food Foundry's.
G23-25, Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota. Tel : 06-283-8750 (Somewhere in the middle of the four blocks of shoplots, next to Mahkota Parade on one side and Hotel Sri Costa on the other side). Closed on Mondays.
We tried two slices between the three of us; the original and the raspberry version which I really liked. I placed an order for a whole Raspberry mille crepe cake (which I collected the next day).

Being Saturday evening, we looked forward to walking Jonker Street since there's a pasar malam, "night market" in the area every weekend. I love pasar malams and this was my first time at Jonker Street's (I had to miss out on this place the last time I was here!)
Came across this stall and just had to get a small order of the fried abascus seeds (shin poon chi)
At RM2.00, it was pretty good. Made from yam and flour, it's on the peppery side and had enough garnishing.

After that we decided to walk to Jalan Bunga Raya and look for the famous popiah (fresh spring roll) stall that I enjoyed so much during my previous trip here. The popiah seller had changed its operation time and is now opened from 10am till 1 pm and 5pm till 9pm and has further increased the price (RM2.20 small and RM2.70 for a big roll). It's located in front of Madam King's departmental store.
It's huge and best eaten kebab style.....a big roll can be a meal to some with smaller appetite! And why do I love this popiah? It has chunky crispy pork lard in it! You can request for more from the popiah seller. Its turnip is on the sweet side and I could do with less tofu, quite a lot of it in the roll. Since our order were packed together, I had to put one into a plastic bag and eat it from there, hence the yellow plastic bag in the photo. It might not look that appetising that way but the popiah still tasted just as good!

To be continued - Jalan Bunga Raya's Lane Adventure!


Precious Pea said...

Thanks sista. Keep up the good work..and speed. LOL!

Ooo..Boo told me there is a popiah stall with lard. Is this the place?

Coketai said...

Melaka! Melaka! I will come... my wish for the year or may be next year!!! Ha! HA! Thank a lot for showing me such a wonderful food in Melaka!!


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

aah! still have memories of that mille crepe cake that u ta pau'd for me. :-D Soooo gooooood.

Tummythoz said...

Feed me, feed me! I wanna big bite at that popiah!
Wow, precious pea, u r really on d move eh. First to Hkg, now to M'ca then to Ipoh! So envious.

Dr ve Thru said...

Chose the wrong time to read your blog. Make me so hungry and salivating all over my keyboard. The abacus seed (something new to me) looks really yummy.
How I miss the hawker makan stalls.

Ok, I hope this time, my comment will go through because a couple of times, it went through but didn't appear. Why lei? :)

Lee Ping said...

Don't worry about the yellow plastic bag around the popiah, it had no effect on me at all. Crispy lard in popiah sounds delicious. (I was told that vitamin E works best with a little fat.)

I love to see more photos of your adventures in Pasar Malam. I will never get tired of looking at night market photos.

p/s I learned a trick today. A powdered sugar mark in your crepe photo.

FireHorse said...

Melaka, I reli reli wanna go there now, I oso love the antiques there.

boo_licious said...

Yup, this is the stall the Sporeans all rave abt. Looks good.

ah nel said...

i missed popiah so much especially when i request a lot of tofu n mang kuang inside... ;)

Jackson said...

I tried the same "shun pun zhi" stall u review too but i find it too peppery and taste was not really to my liking... the popiah is definitely a good one!!

lyn said...

Makes me miss the mille crepe you also ta pau'd for me! Yummy yummy yummy I got bugs in my tummy!....that somehow just came to my mind as it's what my daughter sings ever so often! Prefer it to Food Foundry's...wonder if there's any other place in KL or PJ that has it too?

wmw said...

precious pea : Yup, this is the stall.

coketai : You're most welcome!

lyrical lemongrass : Yes, I can still remember....Such bliss!

tummythoz : mouth, fed you! But not popiah...only fresh air! haha! Yup, Precious Pea is really moving around!

dr ve thru : Hey, also answered you over at Kopi Soh's place. I wonder if all the overseas Malaysian moms would come back together for a holiday in Malaysia or not. It would be fun! Your comment went through this time....Read FH trying to encourage you to open stall again, are you? :o)

wmw said...

Lee Ping : You want to see more pasar malam scenes? Check out this link.

It's the 3 part of the series with links at the bottom for the previous two.

firehorse : Was telling Judy, maybe all the overseas Malaysian mom should organise a trip back here together!

boo_licious : Me too, I rave about it too. Ha ha...

Ah Nel : You eat this hor, sure you like, lots of tofu and mang kuang.

jackson : I like spicy food, so maybe i find it alright, and at RM2 only!

lyn : If you find out please let me know! I'm missing it!

MeiyeN said...

guess am pretty unlucky.. never had da chance to buy da crepe cake cause for da past few times, i actually went down to malacca on a monday! :(

sc said...

wmw, this mille crepe cake looks better than food foundry's. am sure like u say, tastes better too :).

precious pea: i had popiah with lard at the corner chicken rice shop next to the bridge (cant remember the name). the popiah stall is next to it. not sure if it's the same as boo's though

jason said...

The mille crepe cake looks fabulous! So does the popiah. KL tarak popiah with lards??

Kenny Mah said...

Next round Jalan Bunga Raya? My favourite wantan mee comes from there! It's dry and spicy rather than the usual soy sauce-ish version we get here in KL. :)

Dr ve Thru said...

wmw, FH going back to Malaysia. I wish I can too.
My 'shop' opened already but business is a bit slow... wahahaha.
Last night, I was trying to talk photos of some food and remembered your advice to Lee I will see if it is approved by you when I post it on the blog. Any advice is appreciated.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyoh..pp remember to tapau the crepe for me!! after all i very nearby ur office..wahahah

the popiah so expensive 1 meh?..but pork lard is so hard to resist wor

wmw said...

Meiyen: Why do you only travel to Malacca on Mondays? Work?

sc : Don't know about the other stall but I think Boo meant the other stall which is this one, the one in front of Madam King's.

jason : KL don't have woh, not that I know of...anyone out there who knows whether there is/are?

kenny : Didn't know that there's good wantan mee there in Jalan Bunga time!

dr ve thru : Oh great...will visit your stall. he he...don't lah say until like that, approved by me pulak. ha ha...will be glad to be of any help to you.

joe : Expensive by Malacca's standard but worth it as I can't find the same sort here in Klang Valley!

SomebodyHasToBe said...

Hi..Dr ve Thru intro me to your blog!enjoy reading it especially those with lots and lots of malaysia's food! Btw, y no satay celup since in melacca?I ever been to the donald and lily taste great!

Big Boys Oven said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Big Boys Oven said...

wmw:the mille crepe cake lots gorgeous, I bet a lot of time being put to make and assemble, (heehehehehe) something that I am scared to try to make, I rather buy.
The popiah looks great, as usual everywhere the popiah sellers had increase their price by a few cent. I would recommend yuou too try the popiah at canning garden, ipoh. It is one of the only one popiah I regular buy, trust me, you will be want more but you end up queing.
Coming to our launching in August?

catsndogs said...

hey.. didnt u try the satay cerlup ?? like steamboat type.. yummy.. :P or the blog is on its way yet :P

MeltingWok said...

I'd prefer a fluffier and less creamy version too :) Btw, the popiah wrap look like a thick gyro hehe, the stuffings are to kill for ..:(

wmw said...

somebodyhastobe: Well, a warm welcome to you, see ya around more often ;o)No satay celup, too much food to choose from...too little time.

bigboysoven: The popiah in Canning Garden got crispy lard? Thanks for the invite, have sent out email to you.

catsndogs : Like I was saying, just too much good food to choose from, didn't get round to eating satay celup.

meltingwok: Are you coming back here for summer vacation? You can go to Malacca and take a bite out of that gyro roll yourself! Ha ha ha...

Rasa Malaysia said...

I have never had that abacus seeds thingy but recently I seem to see them a lot on food blogs...hmmm.

teckiee said...

Must have those belly buttons... looks good.

The Cooking Ninja said...

The raspberry mille crepe cake looks extremely delicious.

wmw said...

RM : Mmm...come to think of it, yah, it has appeared on several blogs. You gonna try and make it? :o)

teckiee : haha...that's cute, belly button indeed!

Cooking Ninja : Hi there!Thanks for dropping IS extremely delicious :o)

mrs.pitt said...

how about a trip to Malacca when i am around? we venture out only in the evenings? hee! hee! hee! popiah looks absolutely yummy!

tigerfish said...

I always miss walking the pasar malam. I miss that popiah :O

Honey Star said...

Ages since I had suin pun chee and that pic of the cake is killing me.

wmw said...

Mrs Pitt : Sure thing! When are you planning for a trip here?

tigerfish : You're from Malacca originally?

honey star : ha ha ha...No more cravings for creamy Chinese sponge cake!