Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Bird, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

Big Boys Oven had organised a dinner for some of us floggers at The Bird in Kepong back in September. The rest of us had no idea what was in store from The Bird as we have not been there before prior to this and was puzzled by its name. What did it served? Only chicken dishes? Bird's Nest? Ostrich meat??? Well, we had an enjoyable meal that night and soon after, I had gone back for dinner here twice to try out the food again.

I liked The Bird's interior as it transports me back to the olden days before I existed, back to the days when my mom was young, ultra slim with a 24 inch waist and wearing her cheongsam :o). They even play Chinese songs of yesteryear and I enjoyed listening to my mum humming along to them when the family ate here on one occasion.

The Bird3
The interior is decorated with bird cages (with no birds but light bulbs encaged) and old memorabilia adorn the walls and displayed all over the place. It's called The Bird as one of the owners of The Bird has a lovely 10 foot congkak set shaped like a bird; a prized possession of his.
3 Flavour Prawn
This 3 Flavour Prawn was consistently good throughout my 3 visits here. This is done on the sweet side but is one prawn dish I like as it's bursting with flavour.
Kam Heong Mantis Prawn
It was my first time trying Kam Heong (dark sauce and with curry leaves) style Mantis Prawn and this too was very tasty. Best eaten with steamed rice as it could be a tad salty on its own.
4 Heavenly Vegetable Kings
Four Heavenly Kings vegetable (RM10/USD3 for a medium portion) with sambal - brinjal, longbeans, four angle beans and petai (a.k.a parkia speciosa otherwise nicknamed smelly beans but has a lot of beneficial attributes!). I enjoyed the medley of tasty vegetables here but it was bit too much oil for me, maybe coming from the sambal itself. Must remember to tell them to ease up on the oil next time.
Sambal Paku
The Sambal Paku "Wild Fern Shoots" (RM10/USD3 for a medium portion) was a bit bland as compared to the previous vegetable dish.
Deep Fried Squid
Hmmm....I seem to be stumbling onto big pieces of Fried Squid/Calamari (previously the same from this place HERE). I would really enjoy this dish more if they were smaller bite sizes.
Coffee Chicken Wings
The Coffee Chicken Wings (RM7.90/USD2.30 for a set of 3) were nice but there was only a very light hint of coffee in its flavour. The meat was tender and moist and we enjoyed it. However, I had ordered this dish again on another occasion; during a busy weekend dinner and this time round, the chicken wings were not marinated long enough - hence only flavourful on the surface. I highlighted this to them and hope that they will take note and improve on it.
Butter Fish
This is a definite must order dish at The Bird; their signature Butter King Fish (RM29/USD8.50) dish. Its accompanying gravy is rich and has a creamy texture, making this fried garoupa fish dish a real treat and we enjoyed dipping the buns (that were served along with the fish) into it. Do note that one should eat this dish ASAP as the gravy will start to coagulate when it gets cold and you will literally have a "cold fish" on your hands. Hahaha....
(From Right - Left, clockwise)
1) My fave drink would be the Umbra/Kedondong (RM3.50/USD1) as it's not too sweet and has the right mix of the Kedondong and prunes.
2) Honey Sea Coconut is also available and this is served in a quaint bowl on a small ceramic tray where you can rest the spoon on.
3) The Cendol was served with the gula melaka "Palm Sugar" (hence the dark colour) already added in and the cendol bits were nice and smooth, coupled with bits of sago and some coconut milk added to it, it was thumbs up! Not too sweet or diluted, this was delightful.

Some of the prices are not available as they did not list it down individually. We had ordered a set menu (RM78/USD23), enough for about 4-6 persons consisting of Butter King Fish, Kam Heong Mantis Prawn, 3 Flavour Prawn, Four Heavenly King, Egg Foo Yong
and Cendol for dessert.

Prices are reasonable and if you dig nostalgic ambiance, The Bird would be a good place to dine at where one can find a fusion of Chinese, Thai and Nyonya food. The lighting here is rather dim and some photos that I took did not turn out well. For more reviews and photos, visit

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The Bird Restaurant
5 Jalan 3/62D
Medan Putra Business Centre
Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

Open Daily (except Mondays)
10.30 am - 11 pm (dinner)
Do call to check -Tel: 603-6277 1453

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly
- Langston Hughes


mama bok said...

Good food... and good ambiance .. my kinda place.. ;)

daphne said...

nice feast! The photos are great. I really do like the decor of this place as well..
*Sigh* so dreaming about my holiday to KL next year... maybe i can crash in one of those food outings u guys have!

Big Boys Oven said...

Yes I like this place, the atmosphere is good, I felt being transport to the 70's, with the 90's! A very friendly place to be, great place to relax, release your stress trough a karoake!

jason said...

So you and Ethan were taking pictures at the same time? Hahaha... cos I just read his review :)

Precious Pea said...

Next time when we couldn't decide where to eat, just bring me to this place ok?

Aiyoo..why you always complain size too big. Next time..big ones give me, small one you eat. Otherwise, take me suggestion, bring own scissors!! Hahahahaha!!!

cc said...

I love love LOVE the nostalgic ambiance. Will definitely pay a visit the next time I'm back. Thanks for sharing! :)

wmw said...

mama bok : Yup, like the place here.

daphne : Get in touch when you are in town!

BBO : Breaks out into a Chinese song "Wang Pu Liao, Waaaang Pu Liao..." hahaha...

Jason : Yup, that was the night the family ate there together.

Precious P : Ok, sure thing! Hahah, yah, I "sacrifice" and give you lah...

cc : No worries, hope you will like the place :o)

Anonymous said...

omaigawd ! if u continue to bird like this surely you will never attain yr dear mommy's super duper 2o something inches waist ! so watch it babe before you see 2o something more ok ...

tonixe ( probably slightly above 29 inches )

Judy said...

Nice, nice....the tiffin carrier, I want that tiffin carrier!

I think this place may be near Ilene. Can go ah? :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

The coffee chicken wing sounds interesting. Never knew coffee can be used in savoury dishes. Though not the same, the butter fish somehow reminds me of banquet's oven baked fish..hehe...

yammylicious said...

signature Butter King Fish look so delicious argGgggg!! yamm yamm~

wmw said...

tonixe : Hahahaha...yah, 29 inch only , how you know???? LOL!

judy : Mmm...not that near to Ilene, Pan Heong is....:o) That tiffin carrier is a classic hor?

Nic : Only the fish I suppose, cos the gravy makes all the difference :o)

yammlicious : Thanks for dropping by. Not only looks delicious but taste delicious as well!

New Kid on the Blog said...

[envy] what a good company and gathering!!!!! [pout]

MeiyeN said...

i like da ambience here.... also da bird cages... very special right? would love to re-visit again soon!

sc said...

the place looks so pretty and the food looks good too!

tankiasu said...

Seems like this place is worth checking out eh?

Kenny said...

coffee chicken wings... new 4 me^^

wonda said...

Hehe! I would tell the chicken to hold fast to their wings! What are the three flavors in the prawn?

Cynthia said...

Thanks for the advice on the dishes.

wmw said...

NKOTB : Relocate??? ;o)

meiyen : Yes,me too!

sc: Yes, a trip down memory lane...

tankiasu : Order the Butter King Fish and the noodles are pretty good too.

kenny : Yah, new to me. Prior to that have eaten coffee pork ribs.

wonda : Three Flavours : To me? Sweet, sour, spicy??? Hehehe

cynthia : Hmmm....Hi Cythia, keep cooking! :o)

tigerfish said...

You left me drooling, without a tissue paper :O

ai wei said...

i like the ambience! and those very antique decorative items! besides, the food looks good too!

wmw said...

tigerfish : Hope you have stocked up on some tissues by now for more future drool inducing pics! :o)

ai wei : Yah! Yah! Very nostalgic...