Sunday, December 30, 2007

Doggone Sunday

I had a chance to follow Precious Pea bringing her beloved Pumpkin for one of his classes a few Sunday morning ago. I manage to catch some owners in action with their four legged best friend.

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Well, during the two breaks that were given, Pumpkin was absolutely thirsty. But being who he is, he gets distracted even when drinking his water. cute!
Pumpkin upfront
Pumpkin decides to take his place upfront to be ahead of the rest! :o)

There were a lot of doggies in action and I absolutely love this particular Golden Retriever! Along with a few others, they showed off in the agility test, running through the course with their owners.
Golden Retriever

In action

Beagle action



I think this Sunday will be when Pumpkin graduates, he's come a long way...10 classes in all :o). Read about his first class HERE. Congratulations on your graduation Pumpkin! Hope you'll be a good boy and stay out of trouble! Hehehee....look at that face! "Naughty? Who? Me? Nahhhh...."

Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend. ~ Corey Ford


mama bok said...

I do love dogs.. just not the cleaning after them part.. muahahah!!

Kenny Mah said...

Hehe, I think the dogs are better trained than some human beings... esp. those that use our Malaysian roads and public toilets, haha...

team bsg said...

we have confirmed ( with some doubts ) that a dog is man's best friend simply because it doesn't talk back.

A man can be a dog's best friend by keeping quiet too !

this is one of life's greatest lessons

Precious Pea said...

I love the last photo. Can send it to my email (higher resolution?) as am going to enlarge, frame it and then put it up at doggie corner in my new house. :)

wonda said...

I am scared of dogs except for my sister's dog that pays me no heed. I scream when any dog licks or sniffs me. Have a wonderful New Year 2008!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Those are gorgeous pics, WMW! I love the last pic. Pumpkin has an extremely cheeky look!!

24HrMom said...

wow.. Din know that there's such a place in M'sia. Playground for dogs.. cool!

wmw said...

mama bok : Well, cleaning up after one or two is okay, just not the whole bunch of them! Hahaha...

kenny mah : Hahahaha...nolah, when it comes to the toilets and road, same same! :o)

team bsg : Where are you guys again? Tried calling you but couldn't get you. How to look for you, my friend???

Precious P : big are you gonna enlarge it? You must have one for Pea too!

wonda : They are such cute creatures! Scared even of toy dogs???

Lyrical L : Hahaha....Precious P will be pleased to know but am sure she would prefer handsome look for Pumpkin instead of cheeky. :op

24hrmom: I was surprised to! Now we know....

wonda said...

Is there a dog hotel in M'sia for those pp who are going on a holiday overseas and have to leave their dogs behind?

wmw said...

Wonda : I'm not sure about that. They have in Japan right???