Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hot Hanoi - Part 6 (Final)

This is the last post on Hanoi...I shall end it with a few cave photos of Halong Bay. There are people in the pics, so you can roughly imagine the size of this Thien Cung cave. Read more about Halong Bay HERE.

Halong Bay Caves

Halong Bay Caves

Halong Bay Caves

Looks like this week will end with yet another sea shot from me ...sailing off to the horizon. Have a good weekend everyone!
Halong Bay

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The frame of the cave leads to the frame of man. -Stephen Gardiner


MamaBoK said...

Nice pictures..! thanks for sharing..! i look forward to Hanoi now.. ;)

wonda said...

Awesome! Forgive my ignorance. Are those colors refraction of the light on the stalacites or illumination by the lighting?

Cynthia said...

You have a good week too. Your Cave pics remind me of Harrison's Cave in Barbados. Not as big as your but the lighting and so on.

I always feel a little nervous in these environments.

Honey Star said...

Babe, can you not go on trips anymore. >:(

You are very evil! Now I wanna go Hanoi pulak.

wmw said...

mamabok : So is that where you next vacation will be?

wonda : Oh, those are from the coloured lights...

cynthia : If at all, I'll be afraid of falling! :o)

honey star : Haha...hey, vacation is a good thing! So, where are you really off to next? Another beach vacation?

Jason said...

The cave lighting effect very much like those in China leh.