Sunday, January 20, 2008

5ive - Tagged on a Sunday!

This is really a long overdue tag passed on to me by NKOTB!

5 things found in my room
1. CD player
2. Phone
3. Salt lamp
4. Craft & photography magazines
5. Dirty laundry!

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
1. Be serious about my paper craft work!
2. Learn how to play the guitar
3. Migrate to San Francisco and be with my sister
4. Go on a 1 month wildlife safari tour in Africa
5. Work for National Geography/Travel Discovery Channel!

5 things found in my bag
(Only take my bag when I go for my eye check up!)
1. Magazine
2. Tissue
3. Writing pad
4. Bottle of mineral water
5. A pack of Wrigley's Cool Watermelon sugar free chewing gum

5 things found in my wallet
1. Money
2. "Plastic" Cards - ATM, Credit, Loyalty
3. Name cards of recent places I ate at
4. Restaurant bills/receipts
5. IC & Driving License

5 things I’m currently into
1. Blogs
2. Daniel Henney (read my 1st post on HIM here and ladies, do click on that tiny pic to see how he looks like...all I can say ... YUMMY!)
3. Crime & Investigation Channel on Astro
4. Limewire
5. Games from Orisinal (read my post on Orisinal here), my favourite game site.

5 floggers that I'm going to tag are …..

1. Whoever
2. Feels
3. Like
4. Doing
5. This!


teckiee said...

"Go on a 1 month wildlife safari tour in Africa" If you need kaki, call me. Me confirm. I'll eat tigers with you ;p

kat said...

Sei lorr.. I still have this tag outstanding.. :P

Go, go to San Fran! I'll come visit you and bring goodies if you get homesick.. :D

Nic (KHKL) said...

Work for National Geography/Travel Discovery Channel?? not asian food channel meh?? hehe...

i wanna work for mtv or channel [v]...*dream on, nic*

New Kid on the Blog said...

Work for National Geography??? Not AFC ah? :)
Thks for spreading this though is long over dued... hahahaha....

wmw said...

teckiee : Err...whaddaya mean eat tigers WITH me? I definitely won't eat them but I guess I should feel safe traveling with you as you'll eat them instead of them eating us! LOL!

kat : Why? You like San Francisco too? Hehehe...

nic & NKOTB : Nolah...AFC, travel not as far and wide at Nat. Geo......Somemore no need to restrick to Asian Food only!

Imbi & Itchy said...

I like SF too, should gooooo .. heard the food scene there is damnnnnn happening!

mrs. pitt said...

awwwww- be with your sister? so touching loh! LOL zahara is happy that you are enjoying orisinal!!! we miss you too! sob - sob - in crying okay?

wmw said...

imbi&itchy : Yeah, SF is really lovely!

Mrs Pitt : Hahaha....not sure if it'll still be so touching when I show up at your doorstep and tell you that I'll be staying permanently! LOL!