Friday, January 25, 2008

Beef Noodles @ Quinn, Jalan Toman, Seremban

I thought I should post about my eats during my recent trip to Johor Baru and Singapore. Starting our journey at around 10 a.m, Munch told us that he wanted to do a stopover in Seremban for beef noodles. The rest of us couldn't agree more and looked forward to lunch. Munch gave us three places to choose from and we settled on Quinn Seremban Beef Noodles located at the corner of Jalan Toman 6. Hence, this is part of my continuation on Beef Noodles from my previous entry.
Quinn at Jalan Toman 6
Different from my usual Seremban stopover for beef noodles place, this place was definitely cleaner and cooler (air conditioned, as compared to the au natural place of the market).
Hahaha...this is like some sort of signature shot from me whenever I take photos of sauces (the rule of odd numbers!), in this case the chili sauce.
Beef Noodles
The beef noodles were quite good but I still prefer the one from the market. It has the same special gravy (albeit a bit starchier) and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The noodles were slightly softer; I would have prefer it to be a bit more springy (cooked al dente). The beef cuts were okay on their own merit but if I did a comparison again, they were not as tender as those from stall 748 at the market. Of course, the best meat cut I have tasted is located right in Section 17, Petaling Jaya itself.
Beef Balls
The beef balls were nice and springy, pretty standard quality at most beef noodle stops but the soup wasn't as beefy as I hope it would be.

For one looking for a bit more comfort when chowing down beef noodles in Seremban, try Quinn's. I know of some people who just won't go to the market to eat! ;o). Oh, Quinn serves a mean Nescafe tarik too. It was very nice and smooth, just look at it!
Nescafe Shake

Quinn is open from 9.30 a.m till 6pm and closes on Tuesdays. Munch did mention that they have another outlet in Seremban but not sure where.

The journey continues....


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more about your eats from singapore. The beef .. doesn't look as good leh..??

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the taste (as you well reviewed it) but I love the name of the place... Quinn... it's so... quaint? :P

P.S. Thanks for the b'day wishes, dear! :D

HairyBerry said...

i like the market version for it's rich, dark sauce. not starchy...wah, u make stops like that, it'll take you at least 6-7 hours to reach singapore leh O_o

Anonymous said...

Now it's going to take me more than 4 mths, now that you mentioned Seremban, Johore and other states.

New Kid on the Blog said...

hmmm, something that I can't eat at all....

LianneK said...

Is this the one that's suppose to be owned by the same people from as the market stall? Or there's another one in town .. can't remember .. I ate there longggggg time ago.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i havent had this kind of beef noodle b4..damn kampung lar..need to go n eat dis kind d..but seremban too far lar..

ekeng said...

beef ball beef ball i want my beef ball...slurp slurp :)

sc said...

reading this makes me miss my hometown's beef noodles..hmmm, need to try the Sec17 beef noodles, read so much about it..

Anonymous said...

My son and I love the Vietnamese Pho bo but I will give this one a try anytime. It looks like chee cheong fun sauce. :)

Anonymous said...

Fuh.. the beef balls are so tempting!! I want to try :(

Penang so far from Seremban.. sien

~Christine~Leng said...

I've not had any other beef noodles other than the one I had at the market in Seremban :)
wouldn't wanna make a change! ;) now..this reminds me that it had been years since I last visited that stall!

wmw said...

mama bok : The beef was okay...okay, after you mix everything up.

kennymah : I think it's cos there's another beef place named King, Quinn is easily identifiable but yet spelled different.

Nic : Well, you just have to wait and see if we took that long. Hehehe

wonda : :o) Aiyoh, you should plan with Judy...then can all go together!

NKOTB : Nevermind, lots of oter good food all around us ;o) Actually if really want to, there's something new everyday.

Imbi&Itchy : I'm not sure about that. I was told there's another one, King and the one at the market. Not sure how they are all related if at all.

joe : Well, for starters, try the one at Sec 17 and make your way further out of the city, you cityboy! Hehehe...If you don't know where Sec 17 one me, I'll lead you there. Fee : a bowl of beef noodles. ;o)

ekeng : HKS, where do you normally go eat beef noodles?

sc : Yeah, you should give the one at Sec 17 a try. Call me along!

judy : No wor, it might look like it but it doesn't taste like CCF sauce.

vkeong : No such beef noodles in Penang? I myself don't recall.

christine : I guess it's about time to make a visit then. How about a Seremban/Malacca trip??? Get some floggers together.

Big Boys Oven said...

looks good still prefer this, especially from seremban!

Precious Pea said...

The market stall has got a branch in Seremban also rite? Is this the one?

yammylicious said...

doink doink beef balls ~ slurp! whr is jln toman? hahax!

wmw said...

bbo : Mmmm...even the Seremban beef noodles have their own "grading" :o).

Precious P : I'm not sure whether there's a link between these two.

Yammylicious : My friend drove us there...can only provide address, can't provide directions! hahaha...Not that familiar with Seremban, sorry.