Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sepang Gold Coast

A friend of mine is interested in taking up one of the villas in Sepang Gold Coast and a bunch of us went on a 50 minute journey to take a first hand look at some of the show units there. Sepang Gold Coast is a stretch of 22km of sandy beach, under development to be an international tourism destination and its Golden Palm Tree Villas are currently 90% sold (completion by end 2009) whilst the Sea Tropics Village (low-rise villas, with built up ranging from studio 500 sq. ft till penthouse 2,050 sq. ft which includes a private swimming pool and an open lanai) will be launched in April 2009. A massive club and retail shops are also in the pipeline.

It has been selling well locally and also overseas as the management has included free handling & processing fees for Malaysia My Second Home programme (MM2H) for foreigners who are interested to take up the villas in Sepang Gold Coast. It is sold with an option to lease back to the developers where owners get a guaranteed return of 8% per annum for the first two years and a projected return of 7%-12% for subsequent years. This villa resort will be managed by Swiss-Belhotel International and owners who lease out their units are given 14 days of free stay at the resort per year.

A personal friend of ours (from the senior management team) arranged for a guided tour of the area. So, off we went on a buggy ride, right into the show units which were located about 1km away from the reception/club area.

Travelers Palm Villa
These are the Travelers Palm Villa, studio unit 520 sq. ft

Ivory Palm Villa
Ivory Palm Villa - 1,192 sq ft (with three rooms)

Ivory Palm Villa
Another room in the Ivory Palm Villa - note the Balinese style Alang-alang thatched roof!

Canary Palm Villa
One of the rooms from Canary Palm Villa (816 sq. ft - two rooms)

Canary Palm Villa
The other room in Canary Palm Villa with a deck that looks out to the sea.

Golden Palm Tree Water Villas
All the villas span out into the sea in a palm tree shape (an icon for Sepang Gold Coast), hence named Golden Palm Tree Water Villas.

Sepang Gold Coast
Great view from the beach, looking out to the villas on the horizon.

Well, after viewing the show units, it was time for dinner. There are two restaurants there at the moment, SGC Steamboat Restaurant and SGC Sunset Beach Restaurant. SGC Steamboat Restaurant not only serves steamboat but also local favourites like Satay and Ikan Bakar (grilled fish).

Sunset Beach Restaurant
SGC Sunset Beach Restaurant leans toward Italian cuisine and has an additional pull factor - a deck on the beach where one can wine and dine. There are tables for families and also for two (a romantic time guaranteed unless it rains, ruining dinner plans, haha...)

Sunset Beach Restaurant
I walked around the deck and took this shot - I like this shot of the sky's reflection off the glass top table :o)

Sunset Beach Restaurant
For us, our long table was nicely set and we started off with a glass of dragon fruit juice each (Great stuff! Highly recommended)

Sunset Beach Restaurant
By the time dinner started, it was already quite dark and I abandoned the idea of taking food pics (much to the "delight" of my non food blogger friends - err...actually not even bloggers for the matter!). We loved the Calamari Fritos (RM13/USD3.50)) - deep fried squid, the Al Olio Spaghetti (RM22/USD6) with sauteed mushroom in olive oil. The Lemon Sole Fish (RM48/USD13), pan fried and served with sofrito rice, asparagus and green basil sauce, was also a winner.

Well, for those readers of mine (locally or overseas) who are genuinely interested to find out more about this place and keen on the villas - write me at emailwmw(at)gmail(dot)come and I can arrange for a personal tour or my friend to tend to your queries personally.


It was a great outing for us, with a lasting memory of that sunset and those villas on the horizon. If I could, I would want to come home to this everyday, won't you? ;o)

Click HERE for Sepang Gold Coast website.

Wanna feel the warm breeze
Sleep under a palm tree
Feel the rush of the ocean
Get onboard a fast train
Travel on a jet plane, far away (I will)
And breakaway
- part lyrics from Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson


New Kid on the Blog said...

It's beautiful!!! I like the sun set.

Nic (KHKL) said...

lurve that last pic! the golden colour is beautiful. got sunset dinner somemore! *envious*

UnkaLeong said...

So, how does one get there har? Head in the general direction of the airport?

Precious Pea said...

At first I tot how come you repost your post...then now i remember you showed me these photos from your camera. Sign of aging. Hahaha!

wmw said...

NKOTB & Nic : Yeah, I like the sunset shot too...the fact that the kids were jumping and enjoying themselves made it even better.

Unka : Check the website for map. As far as I know, yes, head towards Sepang and go towards the LCCT area...there's a roundabout somewhere there, take 12 o'clock and I think it's straight in all the way. There are signages.

Precious P : For a moment you made me think, did I post on this before??? Sign of aging...hahahah....

sc said...

so lovely! cant believe it's so near some more...thanks for sharing!

jason said...

I think this place can make a perfect weekend getaway since it was not that far :)

mimid3vils said...

Those rooms are so lovely~~~~

kat said...

Eh, DXB got palm Sepang oso got palm... :D

Your pixes are so big, my screen almost isn't big enuf to see the entire pix!!

It does look lovely though. I must admit when it comes to building, we are on par with the best. It's only the maintenance that we fail miserably!!

Tummythoz said...

Would lurrrvvve to go home to that but-hor, need to change job location, income level and mode of transportation. (i.i)

wmw said...

SC : Well, not that near but near enough :o)

Jason : Yeah...planning on going to Sepang Gold Coast?

mimid3vils : Yeah, I like the roof and the sea view straight from the bed!

kat : Hey! Does that mean Flickr is no longer blocked or are you somewhere else or back here???

Tummythoz : I think if we have the means to own a place like that, won't have to be too concern with those issues...hahaha!

kat said...

No ler. Not back yet. I wish..

For some strange reason, flickr's site is still blocked but photos posted on blogger from there can be seen. Oh well, good enuf for me! :D

babe_kl said...

tai kar cheh, how many units you've booked? :p

Life for Beginners said...

Oh the sunset, the sweet golden sunset... :)

worldwindows said...

Very nice development. Hope the reputable Swiss-Belhotel will make it work. The last I visit was 20 years ago for kupang/thick shell clams dredging and BBQ fresh seafood by the beach. Lots of sandflies though.

wmw said...

kat : That's fantastic news! :o)

babe_kl : Uhhh...NONE?

LFB : It's trully a wonderful sight!

worldwindows : There weren't any sandflies when I was there that evening.

aries 阿雷斯 said...

I love the photo you took, is very nice... I've been there couple of time, it is really a paradise. i went to the blog as well: http://sepanggoldcoast.blogspot.com

Dr C.Y.Loo said...

Hi, you are absolutely right, I just been there yesterday. I am impressed with the great beach and the powder soft sand.

wmw said...

aries : Thanks for the compliment

Dr C Y Loo : Glad you like the place too :o)

Anonymous said...

is there any hotel to stay???any recommend whr to stay a night?

wmw said...

Hi there Anonymous : Not at the moment...check out their website for more details. Still in development stage (except the restaurants which is open to the public).

Anonymous said...

in your opinion,hw much the budget for 2 person dinner at this restaurant??

wmw said...

Anonymous : Not sure for Valentine's Day, whether there's a special menu but on a regular day, a good meal for two (meaning with starter, appetizer and dessert) should be under RM200.

dilaOHdila said...

Nice view & I like de angle...
ur u photographer?

kulcz said...

do u able to send me the menu and price of the food? mayb tis sunday will going there have a dinner,need reserve b4 going?pls reply asap,thanks

wmw said...

kulcz: I'm sorry, I don't have such info. You can probably try clicking on the link at the end of my post and find out the contact number or menu there. Thanks for dropping by.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Nice place although the price isn't so cheap!

I am asking hubby to bring me there :)