Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Weekend!

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday - around 6 plus evening Precious Pea called to see if I was at home. Why? 'Cos she bought some Hot Cross Buns from Just Heavenly Pleasures and wanted to pass them to me!

When she gave me the bag, she told me that when she bought the Hot Cross Buns, they were really hot indeed and steamed up the whole plastic bag making the buns slightly damp. Well, damp or not - I appreciated the fact that Precious Pea made sure I kept he tradition of eating some Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday! Thanks sista!

Hot Cross Buns - Just Heavenly Pleasures
Just Heavenly's Hot Cross Buns

What a better way to celebrate Good Friday than with Just Heavenly's Hot Cross Buns? Whether these buns have a religious significance to you or not, they are definitely yummy. Most importantly, it's already a day after Good Friday and tomorrow will be Easter and to us Christians, Easter's a day that we are truly thankful for.

Happy Easter to all my fellow Christians!


Precious Pea said...

Happy Easter!! Glad you like the buns.

teckiee said...


Sugar Bean said...

Happy Easter to you! I've heard so much about Just Heavenly but still haven't try it yet! Looks good!

JC @ Jessey said...

Happy Easter yea.. =)

ilene said...

Gee, those hot cross buns looked really heavenly alright!

Wow, considering where Precious Pea stays and where you stay, she's truly and 'angel' Heaven sent!

Jun said...

aww, how sweet! (pea, i mean, not necessarily the buns ;p)

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

My daughter made some hot cross buns too. They turned out well. I gave some to the part timer as she's the one who celebrates Easter. Happy Easter!

wmw said...

Precious P : Thanks so much!

Teckiee : You'll try making them or buying them?

Sugar Bean : Make sure you try Just Heavenly's stuff then :o)

JC : Yes...happy Easter!

Ilene : She passes by my area but of course have to take a detour to my place before getting home. But yeah, she's an angel!

Jun : Hey there girl! Yeah, sweet!

Keats : I wished I was your next door neighbour then! hehehe...

jason said...

Wanna exchange with my stroopwaffel?