Thursday, June 25, 2009

BBQ Buffet @ Pick n' Brew Glenmarie, Shah Alam

Pick n' Brew Glenmarie recently started running a BBQ Buffet every first Friday of the month. Having missed the first round in May, I made it a point to drop by to check out this fiery deal in June which is at a reasonable price of RM40+/pax.

This Glenmarie outlet is different from the one in 1 Utama as it's located within the Wisma CNI building. It's definitely cosier and I prefer coming here (if only it was nearer though, so I still end up going to the outlet in 1 Utama more often than not). Check out my post on Pick n' Brew in Glenmarie HERE and I'm sure you'll know what I mean.

Here are some of the pics of the food I chomped on! There were quite a number of dishes I didn't eat as I was too full. Hahaha....

Lots of hot action going on at the outdoor area .... Yummy Lamb Brochettes being barbequed. They have a variety of sauces for all the different type of meats that they have. I ate my favourite lamb the most and a bit of the chicken & beef! They have also placed other warm food in this area too; pasta, flavoured rice, vegetables to name a few.

Assorted bean Salad
Meanwhile on the inside of Pick n' Brew...other goodies are laid out. These are Assorted Bean Salad.

Fish Bites
I didn't eat these fish bites served in shot glass. Looks really interesting even to a non fish fan like me. Should have tried some but by the time I was done with my favourites, I didn't have tummy room for these....hahaha...

Grilled Tomato
These Grilled Tomato Slices were lovely!

Corn on <span class=
Oooh....Corn on the cob! I had three of these!

More yummy goodies
Diet plans FOILED! Hahaha...Several of the dishes wrapped in foil, thrown and cooked on the grill. From Left : Potatoes, Mushrooms and Seafood

There's cheesecake too! But what I ate most from the dessert spread was .....

Bread & Butter Pudding
Bread & Butter Pudding - I had several helpings of it and each one was "drowned" by the amount of light custard cream I put on it! One can help themselves to as much cream as they want and that's why I enjoyed this so much! :o) BBQ Buffet is coming up soon next Friday, 3 July! I should round up some friends and head to Pick n' Brew Glenmarie next week!

Pick n' Brew Glenmarie
BBQ Buffet Every 1st Friday of the month
(6 pm - 10pm, not available in 1Utama)
RM40+/pax, kids half price
Wisma CNI, No.2, Jalan U1/17,
Section U1, Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park,
40000 Shah Alam.
Call 03-5569 1216 for reservations.
Click HERE for Wisma CNI's location

(Note on other days when there's no BBQ Buffet, operating hours are from 8 am to 8 pm. closed on weekends)

There aren't enough hours in the day &
there aren't enough days in the weekend! - wmw


Jason said...

I want the bread pudding!

Precious Pea said...

Waahh..look at those red hot flame!!! Diet?? You on diet??

550ml jar of faith said...

Oh dear. This spread is dangerous, very very dangerous. I wouldn't know where to start, and worse, where to stop!

CUMI & CIKI said...

we saw jackson yday! hehe.. i like the photo of the flames. v cool!

J2Kfm said...

of course FOILED lah ... hahahah ... i dun mind being foiled, or spoiled once in a while.

very nice shots.

Life for Beginners said...

The corn on the cob? Utterly gorgeous. Forget about your diet... I think you just made me give up mine! :P

thenomadGourmand said...

3rd of Jul..hhmm.. (*thinking...*) ;p

wmw said...

Jason : Me too!

Precious P : No lah, cannot go on diet one...just exercise more lo.

550ml jar of faith : And there's more to the spread than those pics that I took :o)

Cumi&Ciki : You went to OOP Tropicana finally? No blackout right?

J2Kfm : Once in awhile okayler...not all the time, detrimental to health! Hahaha....

LFB : As Precious P said to me....Diet??? You on diet???

thenomadGourmand : Think and then act :o)

Ling's Passion said...

Mmmmm....the food looks delicious. I love the bread pudding.

backStreetGluttons said...

Unless a place is overflowingfull each and everyday , we cannot for the life of one understand how it can have a BBQ Buffet on a first friday ( or something like that !)
Amazing ! Unbelievable ! Incredible !

that explains why we are not in this business !

ai wei said...

oh my! ur photos are gorgeous!!!

New Kid on the Blog said...

wah, consider very cheap wor!! good food!! yummy yummy yummy!!!

wmw said...

Ling : I love it too, especially with ample custard cream! Hehehe...

BSG : I suppose that will also bring in the crowd?

Ai Wei : Thanks for the compliment!

NKOTB : Yeah, reasonably priced.