Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yummy Treats @ Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

What's this? Look at the folks, closely hovering over the stall. Why is this stall surrounded by folks who all seem very eager and anxious at the same time? Eager as one can get their hands on one of the better nyonya kuihs sold in Klang Valley and anxious (just like how EatingAsia felt) as they don't know whether there is still any left when it's their turn! Hahaha....

At times, there would be some waiting even before Ah Mun arrives, immediately surrounding him as he sets up his stall. He's been doing this for more than two decades, setting up his stall just outside Nam Chuan Coffeeshop in Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Gardens.

So, apart from going to Nam Chuan for my fave Sarawak Laksa, Abacus Seeds and Char Kway Teow, I will usually make a pit stop here too if I'm in lingering in the area as the kuih stall opens at around 3pm till all is sold out....which can be within two hours on a good day!

Kuih Stall
There's a rather wide variety of kuihs here as you can see. Gosh! What should I get? Such a dilemma! Hahaha....that's the usual thought running through my mind every single time I'm here as it's a rather tough decision with all the goodies right in front of you.

There's my fave ondeh-ondeh .... While googling this, I found out that the famous FatBoyBakes actually made ondeh-ondeh back in 2005, here's his post with recipe included!

Rice Cakes
and Rice Cakes (woon chye ko) too with the preserved radish

Kuih Lapis
Oh...another favourite of mine, the Kuih Lapis. It's not overly sweet which is how I like it. I still eat it like a kid, savouring it layer by layer :p. The Kuih Talam here is also good. Each piece is RM0.90 but it's a rather large one, it makes about two pieces of the kuihs one gets from places like Nyonya Colours. As you can see, this was around 4pm and the tray is about 3/4 gone! See what I mean by anxious? Hahaha....

So, get here on time if you wanna make sure there's something left for you ! All the stuff here is good! Hahaha....As I made my way back to the car, I turned around and there is still a stream of never ending customers at the stall. For those leaving in Petaling Jaya, you can try out Florence's kuih in Section 17.

Still Surrounded
Ah Mun's still surrounded by even more anxious customers (you can barely see him)!

Mmm...how long does it take for me to eat a whole tray of kuih lapis, layer by layer???
- wmw


Sugar Bean said...

OMG, ondeh-ondeh, something that I haven't had for ages. Miss them so much. So many people surrounding the stall, guess it should be really good.

And, I used to eat kuih lapis layers by layers when I was young, it was fun! Haha!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Oh yes, word certainly gets around for good food! I know how it feels to not go home empty -handed, after all the waiting.
Will look out for Ah Mun. Nyonya kuih is one of my favourites.

sc said...

i love ondeh onder, esp when biting into it and the gula melaka juices squirts out! haha..

ai wei said...

ondeh ondeh is my fave too! love the moment when it burst!!!

the vendor's business is super good. must be worth waiting :P

550ml jar of faith said...

Eating kuih lapis layer by layer is the only way to go!! I'm not sure how much time an entire tray will take but I know that one kuih lasted me an entire half hour sitcom once... then again this was immediately after a meal so I mustn't have been in too much of a hurry!

worldwindows said...

Our generation is still having it so good. Hope these hawkers will not disappear for a while for our sake.

jason said...

Ooo.. ondeh-ondeh! I prefer mini ones where the gula melaka squirts in my mouth without worry will stain my shirt! Hehehe.

Do they have the kuih similar like kuih talam but with a layer of red bean instead?

thenomadGourmand said...

oh yes..he is very fastidious too, makes sure u line up & wait for ya turn!!

wmw said...

Sugar Bean : For me, it's the yummy kuih lapis! Like I said, I STILL eat them layer by layer...hahaha

Keats : Hahah...let's hope you won't have any anxious moments! :o)

SC : Yes, I think most of us just pop the whole piece into the mouth :p

ai wei : Yeah....so scared habis!

550ml jar of faith : Yes...not only layer by layer but we kinda nibble slowly too :o)

worldwindows : Yes, so glad to have such stalls around.

Jason : Didn't see the red bean ones...we go visit the stall one day?

thenomadGourmand : Hahaha...but sometimes am sure even he makes a mistake in figuring who came first with the crowd.

backStreetGluttons said...

why we never see him before ? Why your post so late ?

Its all your fault ! You owe us 3 onde onde with blue wine


Precious Pea said...

So what did you get???? Yumss..haven't had any nice woon chai kou for a long long time oledi. Onde-onde also i like especially when the melted gula melaka squirt all over your mouth as you bite...hehehe.

Eh..i also eat kuih lapis layer by layer and my mum used to nag at me to throw the top layer off cos that layer is with the most colouring. hehehe.

J2Kfm said...

i too ate them layer by layer.
but prefer the savoury/spicy type of kuih. like the curry puff, the pulut with sambal udang ...

had too much sweets in Kelantan. sick of sweet stuff

mimid3vils said...

I love ondeh-ondeh too coz I love gula melaka :P

wmw said...

BSG : Aiyoh, I post late...no wor, he's been there all this while!

Precious Pea : That day I got kuih lapis (my favourite of the lot), kuih talam, rice cake and ondeh-ondeh! Hahaha...

J2Kfm : I too like the savoury ones...aiyah, like all lah...hahaha...

mimid3vils : Mmmm...seems like a lot of folks like ondeh-ondeh :o)

PureGlutton said...

Oh yes, i luv onde-onde esp those with a lot of liquid gula melaka inside! I also eat kuih lapis layer by layer but hard to find good ones around here.

wmw said...

PureGlutton : Hmmm...you should try out Ah Mun's Kuih Lapis then :o)