Monday, January 04, 2010

Meow Meow Seafood Grill Fish Restaurant @ Dataran Mentari

My first post for 2010!

While driving around Dataran Mentari one night with my family, we looked around the area for dinner before mom and I left for the States. With no particular restaurant in mind, we drove around Dataran Mentari, looking out for something interesting. We passed by the steamboat restaurants (Boy! There are plenty of steamboat restaurants here), finding each crowded and with lines flowing from the pavement, and onto the five foot way and right to the road. Shortly after, our stomachs started to growl and we decided to stop at the first restaurant that had a table for the whole family. Now, most of you know that I tend to steer clear from seafood restaurants since I'm not a fan of such food fare. But as fate would have it...where did we end up?

Meow Meow Seafood Grill Fish Restaurant
Proof that God has a sense of humour :o)

Anyway, I usually get the standard reply - There are other stuff you can eat...and with that we went into the the slightly more than half filled restaurant. The place is bright and colourful, exactly how bright and colourful?
Bright and colourful interior
See? Hahaha....the big images of food adorning the wall of Meow Meow Seafood Grill Fish Restaurant got our tummies doing cartwheels!. Apparently, this place started operations a few months back, hence the "new" look!

My bro did the ordering and we sat around waiting for our dishes impatiently since we were famished by then. However, SpareChange and I kept ourselves busy taking pics of the restaurant or any other object that was within the shooting range for that matter! Hahaha...
Object of Attention

Variety of food
The food arrived all in good time :
The Spicy Squid Petai (RM12) had more oil than I wished but tasted good. The squid was cooked just spot on and together with the potent petai, this dish was finished in a jiffy.
The Grilled Stingray came looking more pan fried rather than grilled and again was oily but this time unlike the squid, didn't quite cut it.
The Herbal chicken came with lots of bony pieces albeit the "happy" broth with chinese wine was full of slurppy sweet goodness (Hic!...It's the truth, not just the alcohol talking - hahaha). With lots of jullienned ginger (which I push aside) and my fave wolfberries, this was a rather good dish which would have been better if there were more chicken meat.

Thai Style Prawns
This Thai Style Prawn (RM25) had an identity crisis. Not that it tasted bad, but we didn't know what to make of its taste. It was neither spicy Tom Yam nor sour Assam flavoured and had a certain curry flavour. They should just name this dish No Style Curry Prawn and all would be good as we would not have any expectation. Saying that though, the prawns were excellent-fresh and succulent.

Spinach Soup with Century Eggs
Not surprising, the non-seafood dishes fared better but of course this opinion of mind is definitely skewered since I'm not a seafood person. I absolutely love the Spinach Soup with century eggs, fried whitebait and wolfberries. Ummm....not sure whether this was MSG aided greatness but the family enjoyed it.

A typical teenager multi-tasking
Proof - Spare Change could not bring himself to put his bowl of delicious spinach soup down and continued chomping; multi-tasking like most teenagers do when it comes to phone texting!

Golden Tofu
The other dish that I enjoyed was the Golden Tofu. Lots of restaurants serve this dish but I must say that I like Meow Meow's version. The tofu wasn't oily at all and coupled with the aromatic minced meat (tasted like it has been fried with some chilli paste and black beans) which was more "coarse", this simple dish was given more oomph.

Overall, a bright cheery place to dine in especially if one is tired of all that "steaming" in Dataran Mentari. Just approach with optimism since there are hits and misses here ;o)

Meow Meow Seafood Grill Fish Restaurant
21, Jalan PJS 8/17
Dataran Mentari
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(Click HERE for map, courtesy of Spare Change)

Tel : 03-5622 2673
Ah Meow (no kidding!) 012-619 8881

Spare Change's take on Meow Meow HERE

Sunburn is very becoming, but only when it is even
- one must be careful not to look like a mixed grill.
(Noel Coward)


Precious Pea said... all the food in your very first post for the year. Hey, free on 21st morning for nasi lemak????

CUMI & CIKI said...

meow meow! i want to try that golden tofu too..;)

minchow said...

Eh No Style Prawn sounds good lah... so it has no ethnic identity... pretty much the whole Malaysian package no??

jason said...

LOL, the owner's name really Ah Meow??

wmw said...

Precious P : Yes!

Cumi & Ciki : Meow...hehehe...

minchow : ethnic identity, nothing Malaysian also lor?

Jason : Seems like it!

Gary Soh said...

the food really awesome !!.... everybody should try.....

Gary Soh said...

the food really awesome !! everybody should try .....