Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wine Tasting in Sonoma County, California

Still thinking about Alcoholic Gelato, I decided to put up one of the weekend outings I had while I was in San Francisco. More alcohol ahead! Hahaha....It was fortunate that we had fine weather during the weekend we drove to Sonoma County; home to more than 300 award winning wineries. Our first stop was Loxton Cellars, Mr Chris Loxton was there personally to tell us more about Loxton, guiding us through the wine tasting session and took us on a little walk around the vineyard..

Loxton Winery

Chris Loxton @ Loxton's Tasting Room
Click HERE to see the list of Loxton's wines. The group of us couldn't help but to get several bottles after such a lovely session that was done with such a personal touch. Chris gave us his utmost attention and made us felt at ease with his banter.

Wilson Winery

After all that wine tasting at Loxton and wine buying, we adjourned to our second stop; Wilson Winery which is a much bigger winery. One can book the winery for birthday parties or for any celebration and their staff will be at hand to plan the event for you!

Wilson Winery had invited their guests for a special Wine Release Party on that particular day. Thanks again M, for asking us to join you. Showcasing the latest wines, we were spoilt for choice when it came to tasting the wine "library".

Click HERE to see Wilson Winery's wine library.

We arrived rather early and managed to secure a nice shaded spot at the patio to have our lunch with the food that we had brought there ourselves. We then registered ourselves and were given a wristband to wear by the staff. This was to ensure that no outsiders would be able to gatecrash the party I guess. Too much alcohol at stake! LOL! We then went from one table to another to check out the wines. Soon, we were hungry and our attention switched to food.

As we settled down for our lunch, more guests started streaming in. While we ate, I felt like one of the most blessed people in the world - good food, great company, good wine, lovely scenery and great ambiance (not to mention - plus the fact that I was on a vacation)! An experience that I will surely remember for a long time :o) Ahhh....if only this was my home, I would click my heels three times and be transported back :op

Own Picnic Grub at Wilson Winery
Not really knowing whether Wilson Winery would be serving enough food to fill up our tummies, we brought our own "picnic" grub. From salmon jerky, olives, pastas, sandwiches and carpaccio, we had a feast!

Wilson Winery Wine Release Party
Wilson Winery themselves served up some pretty wonderful stuff to the guests (seemed like an endless supply of cheese platter, bacon rolls with jalapeno, mini pizzas, salmon dips, sausages & more!), making sure all were well fed and had enough wine to drink too!

Mini Salmon Quiche?
I think these were mini salmon quiche, they look, it's not the alcohol talking - it's the truth.

Lovely Day!
The patio overlooking Wilson Winery's Dry Creek Valley Vineyards (the calm before the storm - pic was taken before the crowd started coming in and before we laid out our "picnic" grub!) What a lovely day it was! Ah...truly blessed :o)

When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading. ~ Henny Youngman


J said...

Wow. What a perfect day - lovely weather, yummy food and lots of alcohol. :) :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Oh wow, those are some amazing pictures, MW! I almost feel transported there. (No, it's not the alcohol talking :-P )

sc said...

woah, loads and loads of wine! everything looks heavenly..looks like a nice, relaxing *hic* day you had there! :p

babe_kl said...

whoaaa yr picnic basket certainly held a lot of delish goodies!

hery ang said...

hi..i am hery..just want to tell u ur blog is fantastic..always give me a lot of information, espcially the price of food in Malaysia.. thanks ya...i will follow ur blog.kindly update more malaysia food..thx ^^

mimid3vils said...

the food look more interesting than the wine wor...heeh :P

c said...

wow! vineyards in the states look huge. i've never seen something like that in nz =) but i've only been to boutique ones here. you should come down here and do some tasting!

wmw said...

J : Yes, I wanna go back again!

Lyrical L : Thanks...Wonder what we will say if it's the alcohol talking :op

SC : So much so, I'm missing USA!

babe_kl : hahah...goodies from several different people.

hery : Thanks for the compliment. Normally write on Malaysian food unless I have my travel stories to write on.

mimid3vils : Hahaha...Wine is wine, food is food lo...what was more interesting was the fun I had.

C: Yes, a trip there is long overdue.... :o)

Kk said...

you're officially my favourite food photographer !! you make everything look so yummy !! what cam you got ??

wmw said...

Kk: Hello there...havent' "seen" you around for awhile. I'm now using Nikon D80. I still use my older and smaller point & shoot Lumix once in awhile :o)